November 18, 2016
What Nicole Kidman And Jimmy Fallon Can Teach Us About Dating, Don't Miss Their Awkward Interview With Keith Urban [Video]

On Nov. 17, 2016, Nicole Kidman returned to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and revealed more embarrassing details regarding her dating drama with the show's host. Following a Jan. 2015 interview that went viral, Kidman told the audience that Jimmy Fallon has a second chance to date her and blew it.

What makes the Kidman, Fallon dating drama a fascinating story is that it contains some relationship secrets everyone can learn from. Those in the dating field can take a few tips from Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon and make sure that when they like someone, they clearly express their feelings so miscommunication won't take place.

Nicole Kidman makes another awkward appearance on the 'Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon'
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon -- Episode 0573 -- Pictured: (l-r) Actress Nicole Kidman during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on November 17, 2016 -- [Image by Andrew Lipovsky/NBC (used with permission)]

Jimmy Fallon expressed sincere shock and dismay during the original 2015 interview and was clueless that Nicole Kidman wanted to date him. As Kidman revealed, from her perspective, she gave him multiple opportunities to make his move. He never saw the signals and never followed through.

Both Kidman and Fallon have since married and have families. Kidman's husband Keith Urban even appeared on the show to support Nicole and rub in the fact that Fallon let a great woman get away, even if he had no clue he was in the game. You can see the video from the new interview in the player above. Watch the video below to see the original Jimmy Fallon, Nicole Kidman interview from Jan. 2015.

In the original interview, Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman both give their versions of a meeting through a mutual friend named Rick. Fallon thought Kidman wanted to meet with him based upon the new film she was starring in, Bewitched. Saturday Night Live alumni Will Ferrel landed a role in the film and Fallon thought the meeting was business related. Once Kidman spoke, she explained that she liked Jimmy Fallon and had approached Rick for a meeting. As the two were single at the time, there was no reason sparks couldn't fly and the two make a connection. As Fallon expressed sincere surprise and confusion at the realization he missed an opportunity to date Nicole Kidman, it becomes clear how important communication is, even at the first hint of a potential relationship. Fallon appeared in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres following the awkward interview with Nicole Kidman. During the interview, he stated the set-up occurred in 2002 and he didn't meet his wife until 2004.
Singles in the dating world can make note of a few takeaways from the Fallon, Kidman dating debacle. First, there is Rick. Nicole Kidman stated she told Rick she liked Jimmy Fallon and wanted to meet him. Rick relayed the message to Fallon, but somewhere Jimmy didn't get the message that Nicole Kidman personally liked him and was interested in him. For those who are introducing singles and hope they will make a love connection, it is imperative that you are as clear as possible. What would have happened if Jimmy Fallon had been told in clear terms, "Dude, this girl likes you, she's open to a relationship." Though it's surprising that Rick would go through the trouble of sending Nicole Kidman to Fallon's apartment and that he had no idea she was there for any reason other than business, it's not uncommon. Many people are shy, soft-spoken and rely on others for introductions. They feel they need help in making connections, but trust too greatly in others when it comes to their social lives. Rick had made the initial connection for Nicole Kidman but didn't deliver on her intent. According to Jimmy Fallon, it was 13 years before he learned that Nicole Kidman was at his apartment for reasons other than business.

Jimmy Fallon has stated repeatedly that the situation was embarrassing for him.

Australian, Entertainment Tonight reporter Jason Dundas interviewed Nicole after the embarrassing experience. She also echoed Fallon's sentiment when describing the interview.
It's also important to recognize that Nicole Kidman misread Jimmy Fallon's signals and interpreted them wrong. She never spoke up and revealed her interest in dating Jimmy Fallon, but relied on Rick to deliver the message. When she went to Fallon's apartment, she judged his laid back attituded (evidenced by his leftover food, playing video games and casual dress) as a sign of disinterest. Kidman had no way of knowing if Fallon was interested in dating her because he never knew she was interested. Nicole Kidman made a number of false assumptions about Fallon's lack of interest that she lost interest in the pursuit and moved on. Does Fallon's surprise 13 years later at the thought he could have dated Nicole Kidman reveal that Kidman completely misread the signs? If Fallon had known of her interest would they have at least dated and attempted a relationship? There's no way to turn back the hands of time, but it seems clear that there was a missed opportunity based upon false signals and a lack of communication. In fact, the signals were so off, that Nicole Kidman remarked she thought Jimmy Fallon might be gay. There might be no greater sign that you're not connecting with someone on a relationship level when you mistake than someone's sexual orientation.

Some women feel they should never speak up or let a man know if she is interested in him. Many women approach dating and relationships in the same manner Nicole Kidman did. They rely on others but are also left to make false assumptions based on miscommunication. According to a report by Glamour, it's important for women to speak up in relationships, even if they fear being viewed as high-maintenance. There is no reason Nicole Kidman couldn't have expressed her true feelings to Fallon when she arrived at his apartment. Only she knows if she was too shy to speak up for herself, but other women can learn from this example. If you like someone, don't rely on other people to speak up for you and make your intentions known. There are many ways to let someone know you are interested in them. Don't let 13 years go by with a missed opportunity based on false assumptions. Kidman could have stated something as simple as, "I've loved your work and have found you cute and funny. I'm so happy Rick introduced us. Maybe we could do something later?" Just something short and sweet can convey interest without putting a shy woman out of her comfort zone.

Do you think that Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon have chemistry? Many people on social media networks remark that the two seem as if they do. Is it possible that Keith Urban was worried about Nicole Kidman making a second appearance on the show? Nicole Kidman spoke to Jimmy Fallon on her Nov. 17, 2016, follow-up interview, and revealed that Keith Urban was backstage to support her. The video interview kept going into "Dream Weaver" sequence and it appeared that Jimmy Fallon was falling in love with Kidman's every word. It wasn't long before Keith Urban came out on stage and if things weren't awkward enough, they became even more uncomfortable. Kidman pointed out that Fallon missed a second opportunity to get her number. Again, Kidman left the connection up to other people and never took it upon herself to initiate the conversation or even ask for Jimmy's number. Jimmy Fallon was never aware that she liked him, until she told him 13 years, too late.

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