November 18, 2016
'How To Get Away With Murder' Spoilers: Why Did Wes Die, And Where Do They Go From Here?

The biggest shocker of last night's episode of How To Get Away With Murder was, of course, the reveal of who was under the sheet. But fans of the hit ABC show have been looking for the latest How To Get Away With Murder spoilers because they want some answers on why, of all people, Wes had to die -- and where the show goes from here!

Warning: this post contains spoilers. Please do not read this post if you do not wish to read How To Get Away With Murder spoilers.

Prior to the "big reveal," many fans were speculating about who was under the sheet. Some said it was Connor, others said it was Frank. But, as Variety revealed in its latest round of How To Get Away With Murder spoilers, when it was revealed that it was, indeed, Wes under the sheet, everyone was flabbergasted. And that "everyone" includes Alfred Enoch, the actor who played the now-deceased Wes.

Enoch told Variety that he'd known about what would happen to his character for a long time, so he had time to process what was going to happen.

"We were all in this state of uncertainty and nervous excitement. We were all anxious to find out. He told me and I went back and told everyone else — I told Pete that I've got to tell everyone else and he was like, "Of course you do." We had time to let the shock set in."
And this is supported by Entertainment Weekly's latest round of How To Get Away With Murder spoilers as well. The outlet was on the set of the show when the shocking death scene was filmed, which was back in October, and they've kept the reveal under wraps until now. They also had a chance to speak to Enoch, who also gave a little teaser as to what was next as far as both his career, and the show, are concerned.
"Sensational and dramatic things happen, and then the writers amazingly find ways to keep the characters coexisting, but that's pretty tricky. That was something we struggled with the first season, because we were shooting those scenes and we didn't know Wes had killed Sam. The characters know it, but finding it out, it was tricky to be like, "Why does everyone forgive him for embroiling them in a murder plot, which ultimately he has nothing to do with?" They could've left. How do they get past that? The nature of the show throws up these problems, so I think this is a good resolution to many of those."
Also, TV Guide's latest round of How To Get Away With Murder spoilers suggest that everyone -- including the so-called Powers That Be -- found the decision to kill off Wes to be a difficult one. The outlet spoke to Peter Nowalk, the show's creator, in a "post mortem" interview, and he admitted that it was a really difficult decision to kill Wes off.
"I kept trying to just put off the decision and be like, 'Oh, we're revealing these people to be alive, but it doesn't really mean anything. Anyone can be under the sheet. We could have someone else die right after.' Ultimately, I didn't want to make the decision, but I felt in my gut that I needed to, which was to throw up all the puzzle pieces and have them land in different places. It totally shakes up the whole structure of the show."
Fans of Wes, however, will still get to see him on the show, as Nowalk promised to reveal him in "flashback" format.What do you think of this latest round of How To Get Away With Murder spoilers? We'll keep you abreast of all of the latest How To Get Away With Murder spoilers as they become known to us.

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