November 18, 2016
Amal Clooney Petitions Against ISIS And For International Human Rights: Confronts Iraqi Delegation And Donald Trump

Amal Clooney, a British-Lebanese lawyer, is considered by many to be an expert on international law and human rights. Probably better known as actor George Clooney's wife, Amal Clooney won international fame when she represented the Ukrainian President, Yulia Tymoshenko, and Al-Jazeera journalist, Mohamed Fahmy, in trials held in their respective countries.

The high-profile lawyer was responsible for bringing the plight of her clients before international organizations like Amnesty International because she firmly believed that unjust regimes had unfairly imprisoned them. She was later appointed to serve on various U.N. commissions, aimed at addressing human rights violations taking place in war-ravaged regions.

Us Weekly reports that Amal Clooney recently spoke out against President-elect Donald Trump, claiming that many of his proposals - including a ban on Muslim immigration, proposals to bomb the families of terrorists, and reintroducing torture, are "violations of international human rights law and the values that underlie that."

Amal Clooney became notable by holding the position of advisor to Kofi Annan, the U.N. and Arab League Special Envoy on Syria. As an expert on Middle East politics, the lawyer has expressed concern over the proliferation of ISIS, the militant organization, which has reportedly set up parallel governments in countries like Syria and Iraq; areas affected by civil wars. It is Amal Clooney's opinion that leaders of ISIS must be tried by International Criminal Court (ICC) for their war crimes and violation of human rights.

However, the celebrity activist is no doubt aware that there are a number of challenges in seeking justice against ISIS. Firstly, ISIS is most active in Syria and Iraq; countries which have not signed the agreement leading to the formulation of the ICC. Secondly, ISIS is a militant body with connections to other militant groups, terrorist organizations, and dictatorial regimes. Targeting ISIS only would not be an effective solution, because the main perpetrators would still be free. According to the Huffington Post, Professor Ben Saul, an expert in International Law at the University of Sydney, revealed that Amal Clooney's strategy to fight ISIS in ICC is a huge challenge because the case could well open up a can of worms.

"If you start targeting ISIS for investigation, then people naturally start asking about other armed groups that are friends of ISIS, what about Syria, Iraqi government death squads."
Even though he believes it would be a difficult task, Professor Saul believes that these challenges can be overcome if either the Iraqi or Syrian Government sign the agreement to ratify ICC.

Amal Clooney reportedly irked the Iraqi ambassador when she confronted an Iraqi delegation to the United Nations and referred to human rights violations in Iraq, caused by ISIS. It appears she upset the Iraqi ambassador by chastising him for Iraq's failure to deal with ISIS. She also brought along a Yazidi refugee and Nadia Murad, the Nobel Peace Prize nominee, to take the Iraqi delegation to task on ISIS.

While Clooney was arguing about injustices faced by Yazidi people in Iraq, the Iraqi ambassador tried his best to brief the lawyer on the sufferings of people belonging to other sects as well. However, Clooney remained adamant on her viewpoint that it was the Yazidi community being tormented in Iraq. According to News Australia, the Iraqi ambassador expressed his anger against Clooney who he says not only failed to understand his perspective on the issue but tried to record the interview with an unauthorized camera crew.

"The main issue is what she did and how she did it is absolutely outrageous and using a victim of war crimes as an accessory and political currency. That makes my blood boil."
Neither Amal Clooney nor the Iraqi mission have made any further comments on the incident. Meanwhile, Amal Clooney appears to be enjoying a happy personal life, and she and husband George Clooney have purchased a luxurious apartment in New York's One Hundred East Fifty-Third Street building, which will be completed next year. According to Elle magazine, an inside source revealed that the couple preferred to buy an upper-floor apartment of the high-rise complex, rather than the penthouse.
"The high-profile couple did not purchase the penthouse, but instead opted for a high-floor residence in the upcoming building."
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