November 18, 2016
Best Buy's Black Friday Pokemon Deals: Seize The Opportunity To Gear Yourself Up For A Rock-Bottom Price

Want to get into Pokemon Sun and Moon but don't want to spend all the money on the Nintendo DS and the game? Best Buy has got you prospective Pokemon fans covered.

The hype train has finally arrived at its destination, as Pokemon Sun and Moon were finally released early Friday morning. Even before they were officially debuted, critics who had received pre-release copies of the game were praising it as the most successful entry in the Pokemon video game franchise to date. Now that November 18 is upon us and the general public is trying out the games for themselves, they are corroborating the sentiment. Also, apologies to European Pokemon fans, who will not see the games released in their continent until November 25 -- Black Friday. My deepest condolences.

What with all the buzz and praise surrounding the new Pokemon games, lots of people who have not kept up with the gaming franchise may want to jump back in head-first. This is especially likely now that Pokemon Go has brought Pokemon back to the forefront of popular culture and reminded many older fans why they fell in love with Pokemon when they were younger.

The one caveat is the money. Pokemon Sun and Moon only run on the Nintendo 3DS, which usually retails in stores like Best Buy for $199.99. The beautiful graphics of the game add to its appeal, but they also mean those who want to play need a new 3DS model -- many secondhand ones will not work.

Fortunately, there is one notable exception to the regular $200 price, and it's coming up very soon. On Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), reports Counsel and Heal, Best Buy will be selling brand new Nintendo 3DS XLs (the newest version of the 3DS) for $99.99. With a 100 percent discount, that's a better price than you will generally be able to get on an outdated and slightly battered 3DS. It's not a huge surprise given Best Buy's notoriously amazing Black Friday sales, but it is definitely an opportunity those looking to reenter the world of Pokemon should not let pass by.

That's not the only thing Best Buy will offer newly revitalized Pokemon fans for a low price on Black Friday, either. They will be able to pick up a copy of Pokemon X or Y, the pair of all-new entries released before Sun and Moon, for only $20 each, according to Nintendo Everything.

X and Y are a great reintroduction to the series for those unfamiliar with the first generation or two of the games, as it really focuses on making callbacks and other references to Pokemon Red and Blue. Sun and Moon, on the other hand, are a brave new reinvention of the franchise and its mechanics. Best Buy's Black Friday shoppers are being offered a great opportunity to be eased back into the series for an affordable price.

Of course, Pokemon games are not the only titles to 3DS buyers will gain access. There are tons of other great games available for the 3DS, many of which are also going to be available at Best Buy on Black Friday. You can see the complete list of Best Buy's Black Friday gaming discounts by heading over to Playstation Lifestyle.

And that is not even to mention the incredible Pokemon fan community that playing Sun and Moon or X and Y will open up. A fantastically friendly assortment of people have already fallen in love with the franchise, and Pokemon communities across the internet such as the Pokemon Subreddit will make sure you enjoy your reintroduction to the series as thoroughly as possible.

This is not guerrilla advertising or sponsored content, just a PSA from a dedicated Pokemon fan. The Pokemon community is always happy to accept new converts, and directing people to an exceptional Black Friday deal is a good way to do so.

[Featured Image by Arkeis-Pokemon/Deviantart]