September 29, 2016
Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson Split Amid Simpson's Pregnancy? Not True, Says Reports

Rumors have been swirling about Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson's relationship. According to new reports, the couple is about to split while Jessica is pregnant with their third child.

Is the couple's marriage in trouble? Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson have been reportedly "fighting non-stop" for the past few months, according to a new report via AceShowBiz. The spark that was there between the couple is no longer there now that Simpson is not happy that the former NFL star lives off her money because he hasn't worked in nearly eight years.

An inside source told Celebrity Dirty Laundry that the couple's relationship has taken a turn for the worse. It's even affected their once "adventurous sex life." The celebrity gossip blog alleges that Simpson and Johnson looked "distant and tense" while leaving LaGuardia airport in New York; however, they could have just been tired after traveling for several hours.

"The former NFL star hasn't had a stable job for years. The last thing Jessica wants to do is seduce a man who does nothing more than sit on a couch all day," an alleged insider told the outlet.

According to another report via CDL, Simpson is pregnant with her third child. She's hoping that this pregnancy will help save her troubled marriage to Johnson. She was reportedly seen with what looked like a baby bump when she was photographed in LAX this past weekend. Simpson has used her weight loss and pregnancy weight gain to land a deal with Weight Watchers in the past. While Simpson has yet to confirm the pregnancy rumors, the outlet said that she looked "fuller" than usual, causing rumors to swirl that she could be pregnant with their unborn child.

"Of course, if Jessica were indeed pregnant, this wouldn't be the best timing for her. There's been speculation that she and Eric have been dealing with some major mental issues at home, along with rumors of the former NFL star cheating with one of the family's nannies," the gossip blog alleges.

Gossip Cop has since denied the Jessica Simpson pregnancy rumors. An inside source told the outlet that the rumors are completely made up. Even OK! Magazine alleged that Simpson was pregnant in this week's issue.

"Simpson sparked pregnancy rumors after she arrive to LAX sporting a fuller figure," the publication said.

Gossip Cop previously reported back in April that Johnson never cheated with the nanny, as previously reported in a previous OK! Magazine cover story. The tabloid alleged that the two were at the brink of their "$175 million divorce." However, Simpson is not planning on "expanding her family" with a third child. An alleged friend of both Gossip Cop and Simpson told the outlet that she is "definitely not pregnant."

That same media outlet has reported that Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are not splitting up. Gossip Cop was also told that those divorce rumors previously started by Celebrity Dirty Laundry are also "not true." Again, the outlet checked in with an alleged "Simpson insider," who told the outlet that the rumors are "ridiculous and again, "not true." The couple is happy despite their recent sighting and have no plans to end their marriage anytime soon.

Earlier this month, Simpson thanked her husband for her "porn name" when she wished him a happy birthday. According to a report via People, Simpson took to Instagram to share a black-and-white photo of the two along with the caption, "Happy Birthday Eric Johnson!!! Thank you for giving me the sexiest porn star name. Love, your wife, Jessica Johnson."

Back in April, Simpson revealed to People that the secret to their marriage was regularly "making out."

"Don't forget to kiss. It's more intimate sometimes for a lot of people and if you forget that, you forget why you fell in love in the first place," she revealed. "It always begins with a kiss."

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Jessica Simpson Collection]