September 29, 2016
Josh And Anna Duggar Return To 'Counting On' -- Bad Call For TLC, Or Genius Move?

Josh Duggar has caused a lot of chaos for the people he is supposed to love and honor. The show 19 Kids and Counting was canceled after a police report was released alleging Duggar improperly touched several young females in his home when he was a teenager. While that was horrific, it wasn't as damaging as what happened next. Anna Duggar was about to give birth to their fourth child when the Ashley Madison hack happened. Josh's name was on the list not once, but twice. The devastating blow could've cost Duggar everything.

When Josh Duggar was in treatment for his sex addiction, TLC came calling for the family once again. They pitched a short series that would allow fans to catch up with the family, but would only air for a short time. Last December, Jill & Jessa: Counting On was born. The short series was so successful with ratings, the network asked the Duggars to do a full season. Since then, it has been hit and miss in the ratings department. Josh Duggar has not appeared on the show, but his wife, Anna, has appeared on several occasions to discuss him and their marriage.According to the Hollywood Gossip, Josh and Anna Duggar could be appearing on Season 3 of Counting On. This is either going to be ratings gold for TLC or a huge mistake. Rumors have been circulating for weeks that a cancellation is looming. Could this radical move of putting Josh Duggar on-air be the ratings ticket the network has been anxious to see once again?Advertisers actually threatened to pull their funding once they caught wind that their ads were airing in slots linked to Jill & Jessa: Counting On. While that has all blown over, a new anger could be ignited. Josh Duggar is highly controversial. He is a Christian preaching the word of God, but was caught molesting his sisters and another young girl, and later being unfaithful to his wife. His perverse actions were swept under the rug and rumors are that he is a sexual deviant. On top of that, new pregnancy rumors have also been swirling through social media.The Duggars just celebrated their anniversary. A post on Facebook talked about redemptive love and how Josh and Anna have found that. Many critics have harped on Anna for remaining with her husband despite his poor choices. She has spoken out and admitted she forgives Josh, but is that all that is needed for the world to forgive? There is going to be a lot to overcome for Josh and Anna if they decide to go back to being in the public eye.Just a few weeks ago, Josh Duggar was spotted out with his family. It was the first public photo they've shown of him since his return from rehab last March. He returned to the Duggar compound where his wife and children were and seemingly disappeared. It was rumored that the family was asked to keep him away from filming, but it was never confirmed. With all of the hate and harsh words the family has received on behalf of their oldest son and sibling, they likely obliged without much arguing.It will be interesting to see whether or not Josh and Anna Duggar will resurface. With Jinger getting married and a possible televised wedding, there is no way to keep them off camera. Recently, abuse allegations surfaced for the married couple. Anna appeared in a photo with what looked like a black eye. Social media went crazy over it but there has been no response from the Duggars. If TLC does decide to roll with putting Josh and Anna Duggar back on television it will either be a genius idea, or the biggest mistake they've made yet.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]