September 29, 2016
Dishonored 2 Gameplay Trailer Drops, Reveals Transforming Mansion, Shadow Stealth, And More [Video]

The Dishonored 2 gameplay trailer has arrived, and fans of the first game will be delighted to see what Bethesda has done with the sequel. The release date is set for November 11, competing with the Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection for your gaming dollar.

However, Bethesda states that if you pre-order the game, you'll get it a day early. It's unknown if trophies and achievements will be available that early as well, as most games are launched the same day those social bonuses are. Of course, there is also a third option.

On October 3 in Los Angeles, and October 6 in New York City, there will be an open event to play the demo. Admission is free, but not everybody will get a chance to play. There will also be giveaways for Dishonored 2 T-shirts, and a chance to win a custom Dishonored 2 Xbox One or PlayStation 4 alongside first-come, first-served gameplay time, says Gaming Trend.

The trailer begins with the game's protagonist, Emily, showing off some awesome new powers like phasing her body into a living shadow and using a reaching ability to cross large distances quickly. Her shadow body can also be used to tear enemies apart like Alex Mercer and James Heller from the Prototype games.

Another power Emily can use is the ability to generate "clone damage" with a domino effect. This means that you link enemies together so what happens to one happens to the other. As in the first game, you will also have the option of simply avoiding combat, as more dead bodies may lead to guards being more alert and even hunting you.

Further into the Dishonored 2 gameplay trailer, Emily takes her first steps into the Clockwork Mansion, an amazing work of gilded architecture which transforms around her after she pulls a switch. There is even what appears to be a steampunk- style robot guard which rises from below and leaps into position near the staircase. Over a speaker system, Grand Inventor Kirin Jindosh announces the robots as being his greatest creation, the Jindosh soldier. It appears to have blades for arms, giving it a look similar to that of Star Wars Episode III's General Grievous.

Emily opens a door beyond which is a wall which rotates to become the floor as Jindosh approaches and gives his evaluation of who she is, "Now that I see you, I've worked out who you are. Not a hired cut-throat, your clothes are too fine. An aristocratic thrill-seeker? That's closer." He tells her she has her father's eyes, and then bows, and says "Welcome, Emily Kaldwin."

The two make their wordy exchange before Jindosh warns her that if she falls, he will have her taken to his lab for dissection, and then tells the guards he has an intruder. She proceeds to use her powers to deactivate the soldiers and take out human guards as she makes her way to where Jindosh waits.

Instead of killing Jindosh right away, the Dishonored 2 gameplay trailer shows Emily knocking him out and placing him in a chair which is used for electrocution, but not before dismantling a couple of his soldiers with her combat skills.

The Dishonored 2 gameplay appears to be taking some of the best parts of the first game and turning the protagonist Emily into a superhero in a steampunk world. Fans of the predecessor should find themselves right at home with the inventiveness of Bethesda's eagerly awaited sequel.

[Feature Image via Bethesda Softworks]