September 29, 2016
Will There Be A Season 14 Of 'Grey's Anatomy'? Ellen Pompeo Seems To Think So

With Episode 2 of Season 13 scheduled to air tonight, many Grey's Anatomy fans have a few big questions. Has Grey's Anatomy been canceled or renewed for Season 14? When would Season 14 start? What is the premiere date for Season 14? While according to Release Date TV, ABC has yet to renew or cancel the medical drama for Season 14, Ellen Pompeo does not believe fans have anything to worry about.

According to an interview the Hollywood Reporter conducted with the leading lady of Grey's Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo (Meredith), she is not taking the success of this medical television drama lightly. In fact, Ellen Pompeo claims to have absolutely no plans to hang up her proverbial scrubs anytime soon given the shows ranking as ABC's No. 1 drama.

During the interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ellen Pompeo also opens up about how impressed she is that the show can continue to reinvent itself despite losing such big and beloved characters including Christina, Derek, George, and Izzie.
What are some of the questions and answers Ellen Pompeo gave about the future of Grey's Anatomy for Season 13 and beyond? Check them out below:

Will Meredith Be Ready To Date In Season 13?

According to Ellen Pompeo, Meredith is inching towards opening herself up to a relationship. She, however, points out the fact that there are 24 episodes in Season 13. So, Meredith is likely to take a few steps forward and a few steps back before actually being in a new relationship.

Will There Be a Season 14? Is There An Endgame To The Show?

Ellen Pompeo believes her and Shonda are "blessed" to have had the show go on as long as it did. She believes when the show ends will ultimately be a decision for her and Shonda to make. While ABC will obviously have some say in the matters, a show with the numbers and viewer ratings it has isn't a show the network is going to want to stop filming. Ellen Pompeo claims she has no plans of walking away from a show that is so successful and so much fun to film. Her exact words were, "I don't want to walk away from the golden goose."

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Fortunately, for now, it appears as if Grey's Anatomy fans can rest easy about losing Alex Karev or Meredith anytime soon. While the network itself has yet to make any decisions regarding the future of the show, the words of Ellen Pompeo also give Grey's Anatomy fans hope that there will be a Season 14 of the show.
Are you watching Season 13? If you are, Episode 2 of Season 13 titled "Catastrophe and the Cure" will air tonight (September 29). Check out the brief teaser for the episode below.
Do you think there will be a Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy? What do you think the future holds for Meredith, Alex, and the other characters of the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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