September 29, 2016
WWE News: Cesaro Swears Off Tope Suicidas After Scary Fall At Clash Of Champions

Cesaro and Sheamus finished their best-of-seven series at Clash of Champions this past Sunday. It was encapsulated in a physical bout with each WWE superstar giving it their all. After Sheamus went up 3-0 against the Swiss-born wrestler, Cesaro ultimately came back and tied the series at 3-3. At Clash of Champions, neither men could continue. Therefore, it ended in an injury stoppage because both WWE stars couldn't continue.

It was kayfabe, so neither man was actually injured. WWE officials just thought it was the best decision to make it a draw, in case either superstar looked weaker than the other. Mick Foley came out and addressed the elephant in the room on who would get the championship match on WWE Raw. Instead of rewarding it to Sheamus or Cesaro, Foley rewarded it to both of them. He announced a WWE Tag-Team championship match to the unlikely duo.

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It got a mixed reaction from the WWE Universe. On one side of the coin, it's a neat idea and can keep their companionship going for several more weeks. Then again, why did the WWE have them engage in seven matches that spanned across an entire month to have neither of them win? They sacrificed a lot, especially Cesaro, in their last match at Clash of Champions. If the odds had not been on his side, Cesaro would have been seriously injured. Thankfully, that wasn't the case, but it was still a close call.

Cesaro went for a Tope Suicida, a suicide dive, and landed directly on his head. At one point, Sheamus turned to him and held his head and asked if he was alright. The Swiss Superman was incredibly lucky and could've been paralyzed after taking that amount of injury. Since then, Cesaro has responded to his scary fall on Twitter, and he appears to be alright after WWE Raw.'s David Bixenspan put the move into perspective and noted that Cesaro normally doesn't do outside dives unless he's on the apron and can control his body from a much lower height.
"While Cesaro is well regarded by both fans and fellow wrestlers alike for his smoothness and body control in the ring, he's usually singled out as more of a "base," that is, the wrestler catching dives and taking moves."

"Whether or not he's expressing his actual intentions in a lighthearted way after landing on his head Sunday remains to be seen. It's not something that's been part of his regular repertoire, so we should probably take him at face value for now."

The former United States champion spoke out about his dangerous fall in a recent article by the Inquisitr. He said, "Thanks for all the messages. I'll be ok. The sadness over the way the match ended overshadows my neck pain." Again, the match ending was planned, and they didn't have to stop the bout because of an injured WWE superstar. Cesaro and Sheamus were selling the effects of that match very well, and they alluded to some realism sneaking in.

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As for Cesaro's future in the WWE, that is a question that can't be answered right now. There are various reports of his time on WWE Raw coming to an end after Daniel Bryan teased a jump to the blue brand.

John Cena also referenced Cesaro on Talking Smack. So, what's going to happen to the Swiss-born WWE star? He's underachieved mightily since getting called to the main roster years ago. His charisma is lacking, but the wrestling ability is off the charts.

He's had multiple Match of the Nights in the WWE. Rumor has it that his contract is ending soon, but he might re-sign. If that's the case, a Smackdown Live appearance will benefit Cesaro. He would get a chance, like both the Miz and Dolph Ziggler are getting right now, to showcase all he can do.

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