September 29, 2016
Hoboken Train Crash Video: 3 Dead As Train Hits Concrete Block, Goes Airborne And Hits Hoboken Train Station Roof [Photo]

A train has crashed in Hoboken, New Jersey. As seen in the below videos and photos, the aftermath of the Hoboken crash proves what witnesses say they saw: The train came barreling through the Hoboken station, hit a concrete barrier and lifted into the air, hitting the roof of the Hoboken Train Station with such force that debris rained down.

As seen in the photo from Aly Hudson in her Instagram account below, the Hoboken train crash caused wires to fall and other debris when the train smashed into the Hoboken Train Station. Water began seeping down into the Hoboken Train Station in the wake of the station crash as passengers were urged to stay away from the first cars of the train.
The Hoboken train was a "pusher train," with the engine in the back. The crash caused cars to derail.
According to CNN, witnesses claim the train hit a concrete barrier, went airborne and hit the roof of the Hoboken Train Station. Mike Larson, a New Jersey Transit employee who witnessed the train crash, said that the train likely came in too quickly to the Hoboken Train Station due to some event that could have been a medical condition with the engineer -- or some other unknown factor. However, Larson only heard the loud explosion of the train hitting the concrete block inside the train station.Larson reported that he tried to get passengers to remain on the train in Hoboken until experts could ensure the power would not have electrocuted anyone stepping off the train.
Lots of people were waiting on the Hoboken Train Station platform with people taking plenty of photos of the train crash.

Hudson wrote that "a train ran into the station in Hoboken," and used the hashtags of #njtransit, #prayeveyonessafe, #train, and #hoboken.

Leon Offengenden told CNN that upon reflection on witnessing the Hoboken train crash, it seemed as though the train did not slow down at all as it crashed into the Hoboken Train Station. Witnesses claim that it seems the Hoboken train did not slow down as it should have slowed down upon approaching the Hoboken Train Station. Whether that Hoboken train crash was due to engineer inattention, tampering with the train's brakes or brake failure for the multiple sets of brakes for the Hoboken train that crashed remains to be seen.Thus far, the Hoboken Train Station location displays various crash photos and news videos of the Hoboken train crash. Casualties in the Hoboken train crash are being reported. More than 100 injuries have been reported in the Hoboken train crash. According to CNN, at least one person has died in the Hoboken train crash.
As of this writing, the search terms being reported by Twitter include terms such as Hoboken explosion, with people apparently wondering if the Hoboken train crash was caused by nefarious reasons.
Bhagyesh Shah told CNN that the train did not slow down when it approached Hoboken. Passengers had no idea the train would crash into the Hoboken Train Station — at least those that weren't paying attention, like Shah.
"The next thing I knew, I was on the floor. I was hoping the train would stop but it just kept going and going and going. This train was even more [full] than usual."
Shah described the first and second cars of the Hoboken train being full. He also described having to escape the train in Hoboken after the crash by going through the emergency window of the train. Shah saw a woman pinned under debris after the train crash, but she was able to be rescued. Shah witnessed an older man with head injuries after the train crash.

Hoboken train crash
[Image by Julio Cortez/AP Images]

As seen in the above photo, emergency responders stand near the Hoboken Terminal after the train crash on Thursday, September 29, in Hoboken, New Jersey.

hoboken train crash video
[Image by Julio Cortez/AP Images]

The Hoboken commuter train crash occurred during the busy morning rush hour -- and left the power of the Hoboken train unable to work in certain cars, making the lights dark and the doors of the train unable to open for some passengers in the wake of the crash.

Update: According to the below Sky News report, at least three people were killed in the Hoboken Train Station crash.

Likely those searching for "Hoboken explosion" on Twitter could be those close by who heard the sound of the Hoboken Train Station crash, and wondered if they noise they heard was an explosion, instead of the Hoboken train crashing into the Hoboken Train Station.

Plenty of additional videos of the Hoboken train crash can be found in the Twitter video section search results for Hoboken information.

[Featured Image by Julio Cortez/AP Images]