September 29, 2016
Meghan King Edmonds’ Money Troubles: Jimmy’s Restaurants Shutting Down Due To Money?

Meghan King Edmonds may be focused on having her baby girl these days, but it sounds like her husband may be thinking more about business. It's no secret that Jimmy Edmonds has been criticized for being a husband who simply isn't invested in the same things as his wife, but he could have his mind full of all kinds of business deals. As King Edmonds has revealed on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Jimmy is often traveling back and forth between Orange County and St. Louis for business.

According to a new Radar Online report, Meghan King Edmonds' husband has been involved in the restaurant business in St. Louis for a while now, and it sounds like it isn't working as well as he had hoped. Just last year, he closed his St. Louis eatery The Precinct, due to a messy lawsuit and now he's shutting down another one. According to local news in the city, Jimmy and his business partner shared the news of their restaurant shutting down earlier this summer. This is for their restaurant in Kirkwood, Missouri - a hot spot called Winfield's Gathering Place.

Jimmy's business partner, Mark Winfield, may not have the finances to continue the restaurant the same way as he had hoped. Maybe Meghan King Edmonds' husband was tired of putting money into the establishment without seeing a result or money coming back. Mark supposedly filed for bankruptcy last fall. He owed $629,056 in "various loans" to Edmonds, which continued to grow over the past 10 years, and it is possible that Jimmy pulled all financial support after learning that he wouldn't be seeing a return on his investments. Winfield later told the courts that he owed $1.7 million in debt.Now that Meghan King Edmonds won't be flying to St. Louis for restaurant visits, it is possible that her husband will stick around Orange County and be more present in his daughter's life, who is expected to arrive this November. Meghan is currently seven months pregnant, and she's keeping busy with the nursery and getting their home ready for the baby's arrival.


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In addition, King Edmonds may be thrilled that her husband will be home with her in Orange County instead of flying back and forth all the time. Meghan King Edmonds and her husband announced that they are starting their own candle store on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and it sounds like he's thrilled to be involved with a local business. On next week's episode of the show, fans will see Meghan and her husband launching their business. The grand opening of the space will be featured on next week's episode, and she recently opened up about the candle store in her blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County.

"I'm excited for everyone to see the opening of K. Hall Designs on next week's episode! Brian and Ashley did such an incredible job setting up the entire store in only two weeks. It's also been great to see some of the ladies wearing my Hashtag Hats throughout the season. Thanks Tamra and Kelly! The #classyaf and #coolmom hats are perfect for you both!" Meghan King Edmonds reveals in her blog for Bravo, sharing that fans will see the opening of their store on the next episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds' husband shutting down his businesses in St. Louis? Do you think he will spend more time at home with this wife?

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