September 29, 2016
Rihanna Puma Fashion Show Gives Marie Antoinette A Collection To Wear At The Gym

Rihanna's Puma fashion show in Paris on Wednesday was the harbinger of a totally new era in streetwear. The Fenty x Puma collection was exactly what Rihanna promised it would be, something to wear "If Marie Antoinette was going to the gym."

The Rihanna Puma fashion show was the kind of crazy that only the blatantly wild singer, entertainer, and athleisure and shoe designer could have managed to create. Casual streetwear like track bottoms, hoodies, and sneakers were given a dramatic twist with lingerie fabrics, floral prints, laces, and pearls studs in an ensemble that ranged from ivory to army green and from pink to nude.

Rihanna Puma Fashion Show Shatters Gender Traditions

Both female and male models, who adorned the whackily styled clothes as they walked in the hallways of the palatial Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, sported such gender-tradition shattering outfits as lace skull caps, bow-front Fenty slides, corseted hoodies, and ruffled knapsacks. The decadent lifestyle on display at the Rihanna Puma fashion show would have caused the notorious French queen, Marie Antoinette, to probably squeal with joy.

Rihanna fashion show
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The 28-year-old star said that all of her clothes were designed according to what she liked to wear.

"I wanted them to feel like this is what Marie Antoinette might wear to the gym, or play tennis in. I imagined it like that, and I hope people receive it in a fun way. The other challenge was having to design part of the collection for men. I ended up just going back to myself for that, because, you know, I wear men's clothes all the time. So I thought to myself, 'Just design what you like to wear.'"
Rihanna Robyn Fenty is now creative director at Puma for the women's wear line, adding to the new horde of celebrity designers, according to Vice. The delightful star from Barbados forms the major part of the brand's plan to enhance its women's business. For Rihanna herself, it is the next step in her move to court the high-fashion industry.

Rihanna's Rising Status In High-Fashion Industry

She has brought her trademark femininity to the Fenty x Puma collection with knee length sleeves, ultra-wide pants, and wild ruffles. Models wearing pastel-colored streetwear carried handheld fans and were touched up with ultra-cool accessories like corsets, pearls, baseball caps, and ruffles. Only someone like Rihanna, who takes away the prize of being the bad gal of this generation, could have dared to serve something like this and successfully pull it off too.

Even fashion critics were left speechless.

And there was no dearth of stardom in Rihanna's line-up of models either. Riri had the likes of Taylor Hill (Victoria's Secret), Imaan Hammam, Lexi Boling and Anwar Hadid walking for her.

Inspiration For The Fenty x Puma Collection

Rihanna told Vogue that her Puma fashion show collection was inspired by 18th-century French culture.

"I didn't want it to be super-bubbly, so I kept it a bit street—everything was super-sporty and definitely highly influenced by 18th-century French culture, and the style of that time, mainly Marie Antoinette, and the Palace of Versailles. She just had this regal way about her, and everything she did was big. I wanted to mix that in with sport."
She admits that she was enamored by the architectural beauty of Paris when she visited the city as a teenager. She even appreciates its streets, lampposts, and fountains built at the roundabouts. She has also been to Versailles and has visited the rooms and halls where Marie Antoinette once lived. She admits that the influence stayed with her and inspired the things she did.

PUMA by Rihanna
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The Rihanna Puma fashion show in Paris ended with Rihanna taking her bow in a baby pink ensemble, with a handheld fan and her lovable smile, perfectly representing the Fenty x Puma collection.

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