September 29, 2016
iPhone 8 In Israel: Dramatic Upgrades For 2017, No iPhone 7s?

"iPhone 8 in Israel" is the latest news coming in for rumor-hungry Apple aficionados. Yes, even before people could finalize their judgement about the iPhone 7, even before they could lay their hands on one, news has hit the market that Apple is already developing a radically new hardware design in Israel for the iPhone 8 and that it will be launched next year.

A supposed Apple employee in Herzliya, Israel, who remains anonymous as of now, told Business Insider that radically redesigned hardware for the iPhone 8 was being developed at the facility where he solders components.

iPhone 8 In Israel: Why It Makes Sense

This is especially significant as smartphone users have been complaining that the previous two Apple devices, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, were way too similar to the ones that came immediately before them.

Although very little is known about the upcoming phone, one rumor has it that its edge-to-edge display will obviate the need for the top and bottom bezels. The iPhone 7's new home button, which has a fingerprint sensor, will have to go if the display were to cover the whole front portion.

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The Apple employee who leaked the information about the iPhone 8 in Israel specifically mentioned this name for the device without any prompting from his interviewers. For those who haven't noticed so far, the next Apple phone to come out in 2017 should be the iPhone 7s. The iPhone 8 was supposed to be due in 2018, at least, if we see the trend followed by the company. Apple brings out new numbers only every two years. Is the company skipping that tradition?

This seems to fit in with the prevailing speculation that Apple could skip its naming tradition as the next iPhone would be a huge upgrade to the latest launch, which in itself was a large improvement in some respects. In case this is true, users can expect the next one to bring a major jump to the line of Apple smartphones.

Apple's R&D Facility In Herzliya, Israel

The unnamed employee also said that the iPhone 8 being developed in Israel would predictably have a better camera than its predecessors. He also disclosed that the Herzliya facility is used by Apple for its new products and that the company doesn't assemble products in the country. Journalists are not even allowed to speak to anyone inside the facility without an invitation.

CEO Tim Cook has stated in the past that the Herzliya office is Apple's second biggest research and development facility. He also tweeted on the passing of the country's founding father.

But readers must take the news about the iPhone 8 being developed in Israel with a pinch of salt. The company is known to guard its secrets vehemently. Couple that with the fact that any new rumors about Apple products sell like hot cakes and one may readily conclude that the so-called employee's information could be flawed. According to Fortune, Design Chief Jony Ive has been spending most of his time in California. This would also make it unlikely that something as big as an iPhone 8 would be happening somewhere in Israel.

2017 Is The iPhone's 10th Anniversary

Having said that, it remains a fact that iPhone 7 was considered a disappointment by many in terms of upgrades even though dramatic improvements were expected given the company's two-year development cycle. Apple could remedy that grievance next year instead and choose to dispose of the "s" tradition if the new phone is nothing like the previous one.

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Next year would mark the 10th anniversary for Apple's iPhones. This could be as much a reason to break from tradition as it could be for introducing a different brand altogether. In any case, 2017 could most definitely be a huge year for the company and its loyal customers. The "iPhone 8 in Israel" rumor could indeed be true.

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