September 29, 2016
'Bold And Beautiful' Spoilers: Eric's Health Crisis Rattles Quinn As The Forresters And Wyatt Reel Over The Latest Developments [Updated]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that there is plenty of drama on the way as the week of September 26 continues. Eric married Quinn despite having to do it in front of a room that was nearly empty and he collapsed when he was confronting his family over the snub. Quinn has pleaded with Wyatt to believe in her love for her new husband, and this health crisis will leave everybody quite shaken. Where do things head next?

According to We Love Soaps, everybody will be quite worried about Eric after his collapse. Previews indicate that he will be taken to the hospital and Quinn will be in a position of having to try to assert her position as his wife to try to get information. Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that as the doctors work on the family patriarch, the others will be facing some intense guilt for their role in the collapse. Pam will talk about how he has always supported her no matter how nutty she got and Thomas will point out that they are all at fault in this situation.

From the sounds of the Bold and Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central, the guilt and uncertainty the Forresters feel after Eric's health crisis will pave the way to a massive family war. It sounds as if Ridge will remain determined to get Quinn out of his father's life, but he may well find that he has little support now that everybody has seen how their resistance has impacted Eric. However, it sounds as if Steffy will stay right by her father's side in her quest to work against her mother-in-law.

As this drama plays out, Wyatt and Steffy will face some challenging moments as he ends up supporting his mother despite the damage the decision will surely do to his crumbling marriage. Steffy has insisted that Wyatt needed to choose either her or his mother, and despite promising that he would always stand by his wife, it looks as if he is shifting alliances.

It sounds as if Eric's health will improve, but the damage that has been done to the family may be difficult, if not impossible, to repair. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Wyatt will begin to develop some support for the union, while Ridge remains determined to protect the family and the company from Quinn. At the end of the week, viewers will see Wyatt try to stand up to the Forresters to support his mother, and Steffy will tear into her mother-in-law once again.

Carter had prepared some documents for Eric ahead of the nuptials, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that Carter may be the bearer of bad news for the family as things move forward. Did Eric ultimately refuse to put protections in place that would protect Forrester Creations from Quinn in the event that things went awry?

Viewers are excited over the prospect of Wyatt getting a bit more assertive in the wake of Steffy's conflict with his mother, but will this be the final straw when it comes to maintaining their marriage? Brooke put her wedding to Bill on a brief hold due to RJ's concerns, and now that Eric and Quinn's wedding is taking place, it may shake things up for these other nuptials that were rushed in part to get those Forrester Creations shares transferred to Ridge. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that Ridge will be more determined than ever before to gain control of the company, but he may soon find himself working mostly on his own to make it happen.

Can Eric and Quinn truly stick together through this family interference, and has she truly changed? Where will the chips fall as the Forresters battle over the boycott plan backfiring, and can these hurts be mended? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that it will be an emotional week of action, and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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