June 29, 2017
Police: Mom Threw Twin Toddlers Out Window During Fight With Boyfriend

A Rhode Island mother has been arrested after allegedly tossing her twin toddlers out the window of her apartment. WLNE News reports that 37-year-old Benita Barbour faces charges associated with the horrifying Sunday incident. Meanwhile, the woman's loved ones are speaking out in support of her, even though the incident was witnessed with actual video footage, which was taken with a mobile phone.

Police say that they were called to the residence on Sunday afternoon, after a neighbor of the Rhode Island mom witnessed the alleged abuse on the two children. When they arrived, they were told about what happened and were shown video footage that showed the 2-year-old twin boys being taken back into the home by the woman's boyfriend. The two toddlers were reportedly injured and crying in the video, according to reports.

It's alleged that Benita Barbour threw the two twin toddlers out the window of the home, onto the porch, which resulted in injuries when the tots landed on their backs. Police say that the two-year-old boys are being hospitalized for injuries that they sustained during the incident, which included assorted bruises and scrapes. However, the full extent of the children's injuries hasn't been clarified in media reports.

This isn't the first time a parent or guardian has been accused of throwing a child out a window. In 2015, a Bronx mother was charged with murder after she reportedly threw her own baby out the window of her apartment. The New York Times reports that 27-year-old Tenisha Fearon threw her six-month-old infant out the window of the apartment, which was located near the roof of the building. Neighbors of the Bronx mom say that she was "arguing with herself," and that she allegedly shouted "Hallelujah, praise God, we're all going to die," before the horrifying incident.In that same year, a 19-year-old Chicago mom reportedly threw her baby out the window of an eighth-story apartment. Reports say that the mother, Mubashra Uddin, confessed to throwing the newborn out her apartment window after giving birth to the baby. She was charged with first-degree murder in association with the shocking incident.Just this year, a Washington dad was accused of committing similar crimes against his 2-year-old daughter. Police say that the man threw the young toddler out the window of his Vancouver motel room. He is also accused of beating the child, as well as repeatedly slamming her into the ground in front of at least one witness. It was reportedly thanks to a good Samaritan that the toddler survived the horrifying assault. A resident of the motel had to intervene with the help of a baseball bat.

As for this latest case out of Rhode Island, Benita Barbour has been charged with disorderly conduct. Charges are pending in association with Sunday's incident, while authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding what allegedly happened. Meanwhile, the Rhode Island mom has appeared in court, during which time she is accused of acting "belligerently." She also reportedly "showed no remorse" for allegedly tossing the two toddlers out the front window of her home. Her actions in court this week reportedly led to the charge of disorderly conduct. Authorities have confirmed that the children have been removed from her custody, and have been placed in the care of DCYF authorities.

[Featured Image via Providence Police Dept.]