June 29, 2017
'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Season 5 Reunion: Extra Security And Split Interviews Make For A Disappointing Special

The Season 5 reunion show special for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has been different than any other reunion that the VH1 reality TV show has done in the past. This time around, security is much tighter, and the entire cast won't be on stage together. Instead, small groups of cast members are being interviewed together in a house in Atlanta, and many of the stars are being kept away from each other.

Security measures are so extreme during the latest LHHATL reunion that bags are being searched, and cast members are being asked if they brought any weapons with them. That seems pretty over-the-top for a group of reality TV stars. Is this year's cast really that dangerous?

Even VH1 reported on the extreme security that was seen during the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 reunion special. Yung Joc talked about filming when he appeared on the brand new VH1 Live! that came on after the special. Special security was hired beyond the norm, and all bags were searched before reality stars could enter the house where the reunion show was filmed. Yung Joc said that the crew was way more careful than they have been during any of the reunion shows in the past.

In past years, there has been violence during the reunion shows, especially during Season 3, when Joseline Hernandez assaulted Althea Heart, Tammy Rivera, and Mimi Faust before being removed from the set. That didn't stop VH1 from hosting the show exactly the same way for Season 4, though, and shockingly, no one got hurt. So why are they searching for weapons in Season 5? Is it possible that one or more of the newcomers to LHHATL has them worried about such extreme violence that they had to keep everyone separate?

Tommie Lee admitted during her interview that she had, in fact, tried to run Joseline Hernandez over with her car during an altercation in April. She was shocked to learn that Joseline, who often calls herself the "baddest b***h," had filed a protection order against Tommie because she really was afraid that she might do something.

Keep in mind that some of the newest members to join Love & Hip Hop Atlanta were shown to have a real criminal past. Karen King and her sons Sas and Scrapp DeLeon were implicated in the attempted murder of Karen's ex-husband and Sas' own father. They may not be serving time for the assault, but it did land King on America's Most Wanted.

It has also been shown that Karen "KK" King hasn't changed too much considering she is currently dealing with the aftermath of yet another arrest. This time around, she was charged with fraud and forgery for her alleged part in an identity theft ring, where she is accused of stealing around $5,000 in merchandise from an Atlanta Saks Fifth Avenue.

Sas was recently the victim of gun violence himself. In July, as he was leaving a party that he was hosting in Arizona because police broke it up, someone fired at his car as it left. Now, Sas has a bullet lodged in the back of his head, and many of his friends and family are talking about how it's a miracle that he's alive.

The addition of Karen King, Scrapp DeLeon, Sas, and Tommie to the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast has taken the group from ratchet entertainment to violent in a few short months. It's not surprising that Mona Scott-Young and the rest of the VH1 crew felt that they had to protect themselves and the rest of the cast by breaking up the reunion show into groups and making sure no one had weapons on them. Now the biggest question is whether they will be more careful with casting for Season 6 or if this is just the new direction for the hit VH1 reality show.

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