June 29, 2017
Mark Cuban Endorses Hillary Clinton, Says Trump Has Gone 'Batsh*t Crazy'

Mark Cuban shocked the political world today when he made his official endorsement for president of the United States. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks and cutthroat Shark Tank investor is investing his support in Hillary Clinton. Cuban made the shocking announcement in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, during a campaign stop by Clinton. According to Cuban, Trump scares him.

"Trump scares me. Donald, initially, I really hoped he would be something different, that as a businessperson, I thought there was an opportunity there. But then he went off the reservation and went batsh*t crazy."
Cuban did extend a courtesy to Trump. Cuban spoke with Trump and informed him that he would be publicly endorsing Hillary. Cuban also gave Trump some advice. He told Trump that at some point he needs to learn how to play the political game that Clinton has mastered.
"I told him directly, at some point you have to learn, at some point you have to read and that that job is all about uncertainty and if you don't do the work, that is not good for this country. And he just doesn't do the work."
At Clinton's campaign rally, Cuban took the opportunity to speak about the type of person Trump is and what would be said about a person like that in Pittsburgh.
"You know what we call a person like that — the screamers, the yellers, the people that try to intimidate you? You know what we call a person like that in Pittsburgh? A jagoff. Is there any bigger jagoff in the world than Donald Trump?"
A jagoff is Pittsburgh slang for a person who is considered to be inept, reckless, and irritating. These are all traits that members of the media and Democrats have used in the past to describe the Republican candidate. Cuban also took the time to mention that Trump is not an entrepreneur.
"You don't ask Daddy for a small loan of a million dollars. That's not what entrepreneurs do."
Cuban also took the time to speak about Hillary.
"In Hillary Clinton's America, the American Dream is alive and well. There is no place that knows that better than Pittsburgh because we are an American Dream city."
Cuban made it clear to those in attendance that he is voting for the American Dream that he feels Hillary will make come true.
"I'm ready to tell you that I'm ready to vote for a true leader, I'm ready to vote for the American Dream, I'm ready to tell the world that I am here to endorse Hillary Clinton, but also I'm here to tell you that voting for Hillary is not enough. This country needs the leadership of Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton."
Hillary Clinton will be spending the next few days campaigning through the Rust Belt of Pennsylvania and Ohio. The Clinton campaign will be making stops in Columbus and Youngstown. During this round of her campaign trips, Clinton is discussing what her plan is for the economy and how it will help the middle class.

Now that Hillary Clinton has the support of billionaire Mark Cuban, will this help her pull away in the polls from billionaire Donald Trump?

Does Mark Cuban's endorsement of Hillary change your opinion on her? If you were on the fence prior to this endorsement, are you now on her side?

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]