July 13, 2016
'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Bridgette Dunning Makes Enemies, 'BB18' House Done With Frank Eudy? [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers paint Bridgette Dunning in a really negative light. That's not good news for the outgoing Head of Household, as she may have succumbed to an alliance with Frank Eudy that will bring an end to her time in the game. A report from fan site Joker's Updates relayed information from the Big Brother 18 live feeds, showing how some of the houseguests now view Bridgette. Spending too much time just hanging out in the HOH room this week, Bridgette is failing to see how the house is turning against her and Frank.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, even Bridgette figured out what Frank was doing in the BB18 house. Frank worked hard to convince Bridgette that she needed to nominate Tiffany Rousso and Paul Abrahamian for eviction. She would later discover that he was basically using her to turn this into another week where he was the HOH and that was confirmed when Frank won the Roadkill competition and then nominated Bronte D'Acquisto for eviction. Bronte is someone who Bridgette has been working with as a member of the Spy Girls alliance.

Those weren't the only Big Brother 18 spoilers from Wednesday (July 13) that could work against Bridgette Dunning. Later in the day, another report from Joker's Updates was posted, where Zakiyah Everette and Michelle Meyer began openly conspiring about evicting Bridgette on the live feeds. The pair wants Frank to get evicted on July 14 and for Bridgette to be evicted on July 21. That would potentially keep both houseguests from making it to the BB18 jury. What they don't know about, yet, is the Battle Back competition awaiting the first five evicted houseguests.

As the Veto episode on Wednesday night will show, Bridgette and Frank continue to be safe from the Week 3 eviction. The houseguest getting to have their meeting with Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen will be either Tiffany Rousso, Paul Abrahamian, or Bronte D'Acquisto. There was a lot of talk among the voting houseguests about whether to evict Tiffany or Bronte, with an expectation that there could be even more discussion about it in the final 24 hours before the eviction ceremony. As it currently stands, Tiffany will be the next BB18 houseguest to get evicted.

The HOH competition on Thursday, July 14, holds extreme importance for most of the people left in the game. There are still four members of Category 4, with Frank Eudy, Paulie Calafiore, and Michelle Meyer trying to take the power next. Despite most of the recent Big Brother 18 spoilers pointing out the flaws in the strategies of Bridgette Dunning, she could find a way to save herself by turning against Frank. That also won't be possible if her alliance wins safety again at the next HOH competition. It creates an incentive to try to throw the challenge.

One strong asset that Bridgette still has is that her alliance with Bronte D'Acquisto and Natalie Negrotti has survived. The trio is in a good position, and if Team Unicorn (Bronte, Natalie, and James Huling) win the HOH and safety on July 14, they could look to protect Bridgette for at least another week. It seems very unlikely that Bronte or Natalie would nominate Bridgette and equally likely that James would allow Natalie to take the HOH title. At that point, the primary target for eviction would be Frank Eudy, with a possibility that Da'Vonne Rogers could become a secondary strategy for eviction.

The Veto episode for Big Brother 18 is Wednesday night (July 13) at 9 p.m. PT/ET. Then the eviction episode is on Thursday, July 14, at 9 p.m. PT/ET, where the BB18 house will participate in the latest HOH competition.

[Image via CBS Big Brother/Twitter]