July 13, 2016
Sonja Morgan Happy That Bethenny Frankel Is On ‘RHONY’ Despite Fight

Sonja Morgan has been on The Real Housewives of New York for years, and fans have come to love her. But on this season of the show, Sonja's co-stars are starting to leave her out of things. For example, Morgan wasn't invited to the Berkshires because her co-stars were worried about her drinking. She wasn't invited to Bethenny Frankel's trip to Mexico, because Frankel was worried that Sonja's drinking would give her business partners a bad taste in their mouths. Despite being left out of the fun, Sonja is thankful for Bethenny's return to the show.

According to a new tweet, Sonja Morgan has been very vocal on Twitter about the current season of the show and this Real Housewives of New York star is thankful that Frankel is back on the show, because she calls people out when she sees them being fake. And this is something Morgan is very thankful for.

"I'm all 4the drama Looves it Happy theB is back Needed 2 shake things up The girls r showing tru colors," Sonja Morgan revealed on Twitter, sharing that she's very happy that Bethenny has decided to return to The Real Housewives of New York.

And when people ask her about the way she's been left out of the fun, she points to her co-stars, adding on Twitter, "It's not Andy It's people that r mean spirited. Don't agree w talking about excluding/axing others #SupportWomen."

Of course, Sonja Morgan has really struggled in her friendship with Ramona Singer. Over the past couple of months, Ramona has been very vocal about Sonja's drinking and she's called out Morgan for being an alcoholic. But Morgan thinks that her friend should really look at herself. These two aren't really speaking right now and one can imagine this will come up on the Real Housewives of New York reunion.

It is interesting that Sonja Morgan is happy that Bethenny is back on the show, especially since these two had a huge fight on the first couple of episodes. Frankel was furious that Sonja would launch a booze line with a name very similar to her Skinnygirl. And she decided to yell at Morgan, who didn't see it as a big deal. And in her blog for the show, Bethenny explains why she doesn't take Sonja seriously.

"Sonja has had: an event company, a jewelry line, toaster, nigerian football team, fashion line, and now a Prosecco -- none of which have come to fruition. It is laughable but more sad. Women, this is not how it works. This is the problem when being a reality star is your actual job versus having a career the show follows. People create imaginary businesses to stay relevant," Bethenny has written in her blog for a Real Housewives of New York episode, according to Bravo, where she learned that Sonja Morgan has launched a Prosecco line with a name very similar to her Skinnygirl business.

And Morgan isn't the only person who has pursued a line of booze. Ramona has also created a line of wine. But Frankel seems more upset because of the name and because it seems like a cheater brand.

"You can't find a city of the Housewives where several women haven't followed in my footsteps and attempted booze. Bring it on. The more the merrier. It is a brutal business, and it may look easy, but as you see, it isn't," Frankel adds in another blog post, according to Bravo, adding, "This was just an unoriginal name and idea, and it gives a false impression to the audience -- that you just go on tv, and poof a brand is born. That isn't how it works."

Do you think Sonja Morgan and Bethenny can become friends again?

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]