July 13, 2016
One Direction Members Leading Their Own Lives, But Still Promise They'll Return

One Direction, the record-breaking boy band responsible for hits like "What Makes You Beautiful" and "The Best Song Ever," are currently taking a break, and loyal fans have been hoping that the break would be a temporary one. Rumors of the break being permanent were recently shot down by One Direction members, who were quick to assure fans that they have every intention of returning, but that they can't say exactly when.

A lot has happened to the members of One Direction over the past few months after they decided to go their separate ways. According to OK! magazine, Harry Styles was recently reported to have become a victim of vandalism in his home when the very offensive C-word was sprayed across the walls of his London estate.

The One Direction heartthrob fell victim to a bad case of London-based haters who took it upon themselves to express their strong feelings against him when they sprayed a giant offensive word over the white wall of his luxurious house. With the One Direction boys being apart from each other, Harry was in London to film Christopher Nolan's World War II epic Dunkirk.

Despite the fact that his house was vandalized, it is not uncommon for One Direction fans to gather around just to get a look at the place that Harry Styles calls home, with the hope of catching a glimpse of the famous singer.

While Harry focuses on kick-starting his film career, the rest of the One Direction boys have been making use of their time apart as well. Liam Payne is enjoying his relationship with his girlfriend, Cheryl, and the pair cemented their relationship recently by becoming the proud parents of a new puppy.

Louis Tomlinson, meanwhile, has taken the opportunity to focus on his newborn, Freddie, while being based in Los Angeles.While One Direction fans have somewhat stopped worrying about whether the group will reform, the question on everyone's minds now is when the reunion will occur. According to Hollywood Life, Simon Cowell insinuated that, while he thinks the group will eventually reform, it won't happen anytime soon.

Given that Simon Cowell is almost singlehandedly responsible for One Direction forming in the first place, and given that he is still in regular contact with its members, there is every chance that he knows what he's talking about. And while One Direction fans are understandably disappointed that there won't be a One Direction concert or new album anytime soon, they are holding on to hope that new announcements from the boy band's members will still be forthcoming in the future.

Simon Cowell spoke on when One Direction might be coming out of hiatus.

"One Direction, I don't think we'll see as a group for a while now, if I'm being honest with you."
The news makes a little more sense when fans take a retrospective look at One Direction and its recent history. Back in March of 2015, One Direction lost a member, Zayn Malik, who left to focus on his solo career. Fans were understandably concerned that the other members of the group would follow suit, eager to see what a solo career would be like. Yet the boys have made it a point to reassure everybody that they will not be splitting up anytime soon, despite the indefinite hiatus that they are currently enjoying.

According to The Sun, Niall Horan is rumored to be romantically interested in Chloe Sims, star of The Only Way Is Essex, and the news has been offered by Sims herself.

Chloe Sims teased the possibility of her "stalker" being a famous singer, and it is thought that the singer might be One Direction's Niall Horan.

"I've never had a stalker, but a very, very famous singer started messaging me on Instagram recently. I stopped replying and he sent me his phone number! I thought, 'Has he been hacked?' What would a young boy be messaging me for? I'm a 34-year-old mother."
Chloe may not have revealed the singer's identity, but The Sun has speculated that she may be referring to One Direction's very own Niall, who notably started following the cousin of Joey Essex on Instagram recently.

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