July 13, 2016
Teresa Giudice Is Focusing On Her Children These Days, Says ‘RHONJ’ Star Siggy Flicker

Teresa Giudice is currently staying busy in New Jersey while her husband is serving his time behind bars. Joe was found guilty of fraudulent activity and sentenced to 41 months behind bars. Joe is currently serving his time, and Teresa is now enjoying her life after having spent 11 months behind bars.

While in prison, Teresa did everything possible to keep her family together. Giudice only allowed certain people to visit her in prison, she used every phone call possible to call home, and she wrote emails as often as possible. And now that her husband is serving time, she's focusing on rebuilding the family unit by focusing on her children.

According to a new Bravo report, Teresa Giudice is doing everything possible to keep her marriage alive, even if that means going to see her husband at the prison as often as possible. New Real Housewives of New Jersey wife Siggy Flicker recently opened up about how Teresa is keeping things hot in her marriage. And it sounds like Siggy admires everything that Giudice is able to do as a single mother of four.

"Well Teresa's very busy with the girls. One has soccer, one has dance, one has cheerleading — she's busy all the time. How she keeps that fresh [with Joe] is she goes to visit him every week," Siggy told the Daily Dish, adding, "He's not in another state. She can send the car with the girls and she goes to visit him. And they keep it alive like that."

Of course, Flicker may know what she's talking about, as she's a relationship expert. She's also written the book, Write Your Own Fairy Tale: The New Rules for Dating, Relationships, and Finding Love On Your Terms, and she's been watching Teresa Giudice's marriage to see where she could do better to keep things alive. But it sounds like Giudice is already doing everything possible to keep things active and healthy.

"What's saving Teresa right now are her beautiful daughters because the busier you are, you don't think about, 'Oh my god, I really miss him right now,'" she said about Teresa Giudice, adding, "She's constantly running around and she's so busy. But the love, the foundation of their love is there. And anybody who tries to rip it apart, it's just not gonna work. It's not gonna work, I saw it with my own two eyes."

When Teresa first came home, she was very motivated to make lots of money. Giudice has been doing appearances since being released and she has a lofty goal of making $40 million this year alone. In prison, Giudice discovered the power of yoga and she's determined to create a business empire around doing yoga. And it sounds like Siggy thinks that her husband will stand by her side, as he is very proud of his wife's success.

"The first time I met Joe Giudice, we were watching Teresa [record her] audio book... and he had tears in his eyes," Siggy said, adding, "And, listen, I know she's going through some tough times. And I can only imagine what it's like not to have your husband at night to cuddle with, to help you with errands, to just say, 'Hey, honey, I want to share with you what my day was like,' but I know that she's in constant contact with him via phone and she goes to visit him every week."

It is very interesting that Flicker is so supportive of Teresa Giudice and her husband, as some people are not. According to USA Today, Jacqueline Laurita recently mocked Teresa in a text message, saying that she wasn't sure if Teresa was using a ghostwriter to write her text messages. Of course, Laurita is referring to an accusation from years ago, where Lauren Manzo accused Teresa of not writing her own blogs.

What do you think of Teresa Giudice getting support from her new Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star? Do you think she's doing the right thing by focusing on her children these days?

[Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Westfield]