November 18, 2016
Demi Lovato Slammed As 'Rude' & A 'Class A B****' After Bad Meet & Greet

Demi Lovato is being called out by an angry fan who slammed her as "f****** rude" and a "class A b****" after a bad meet and greet experience.

The fan took to social media to share their Demi meet and greet story this week, where they claimed that Lovato hardly looked at her and barely spoke during their pre-concert meeting earlier this month.

Twitter account @MusicFactsShady posted screen shots from the fan's meet and greet confession on the social media site, where the Twitter user retold her bad meeting with the "Cool For The Summer" singer.

"Let's start out by saying Demi was a class A b**** and extremely rude," the fan tweeted alongside her meet and greet photo with Lovato.

Demi Lovato Slammed As 'Rude' & A 'Class A B' After Bad Meet & Greet
[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for AOL]

The Demi fan then went on to claim that Lovato "barely said hi" as she approached her during the meeting and allegedly already had her arm out to quickly take a snap when she approached the popstar.

According to the concertgoer, she then asked for another photo with Lovato, to which Demi supposedly murmured "mhm" without even turning to look at her.

"She looked at me for an entire.1 seconds the entire time," the Demi fan then admitted in her meet and greet retelling, once again blasting Lovato as being "so f****** rude" during their short interaction.

"This ruined Demi for me," the Lovato fan continued. "Other people had the same experience I had and even if she was just in a bad mood, she should push through it for her fans [who] paid so much to meet her."

Demi Lovato Slammed As 'Rude' & A 'Class A B' After Bad Meet & Greet
[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]

The fan then clarified her comments on social media, tweeting out after a slew of Twitter users reacted to her story, "Let's get 1 thing straight, I like Demi. Always have. But the way she was in MY m&g was just not the way I thought she'd be."

Demi Lovato is yet to respond to the fan's pretty scathing claims, though this isn't the first time Lovato has been accused of not paying attention to fans during meet and greet sessions.

Just last year, another Demi fan posted a candid message about their bad meet and greet experience with Lovato on Instagram, claiming that Lovato paid little attention to her fans and even hit her head against the wall "in relief" after the session was over.

According to NME, the fan, who identified himself as Josh Helfgott, accused Lovato of not paying attention and not speaking to her fans during a November 2015 meeting, claiming that she barely spoke to any of the fans who had waited hours in the rain to meet her.

"Thanks for not looking us in the eye, asking our names, or saying two words to us," John told Demi on Instagram. "I'm angry. I'm angry because I assumed you were in a big hurry - that's the only reason you would pay no attention to all of your fans, even though we all spent a lot of time waiting to meet you."

"As I walked out of the room," John continued to Lovato, "I saw you slam your head back against the wall in relief - we were your last picture. Meeting your fans was over. You didn't run out - you stood there."

"People have bad days, but you didn't seem to be having one," he added, admitting that other stars like Kelly Clarkson and Britney Spears spent much more time with their biggest fans during his past celebrity meetings. "I just wanted you to thank your fans. Disappointed."

What do you think of the fan's claims that Demi was a "class A b****" and "rude" during her meet and greet session?

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