July 13, 2016
Today Is National French Fry Day: Get Free Fries From McDonald's And Burger King

Today is National French Fry Day, and you can get free French fries from McDonald's, Burger King and other retailers and fast food restaurants. Exactly how French fries got their start, or where they originated remains a mystery. It's doubtful that French fries are French, but that hasn't stopped people from loving them. French fries are one of the most popular fast food items available in the United States, as well as in countries such as Belgium, Germany, and France, where they are known as pommes frites. There are many types of fries, but thinly sliced potatoes deep-fried in oil remains the most popular. McDonald's is offering deals on French fries throughout July for those who use their app, and these deals are perfectly timed for July 13, which is the annual date National French Fry Day is celebrated on.

McDonald's and Burger King are the two fast food retailers most people associate with French fries. Both McDonald's and Burger King have current deals. For a limited time, customers who make any purchase on Friday will get a free medium order of fries. Those who make a large sandwich purchase will get an order of medium fries free. Download the McDonald's app in order to find these deals as well as more specials, deals and offers.While Burger King isn't giving away free French fries for National French Fry Day, they do have a deal that runs until July 15 that enables customers to get fries at a bargain price. Burger King is offering a deal where you can get two Whoppers, two small fries and two small drinks for only $10. The deal has elicited plenty of excitement online. Though this isn't exactly free, it's still a great deal and a low price. While McDonald's and Burger King have appropriate deals going on, neither are giving away free fries on National French Fry Day in the traditional sense.The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is known for their syrup-laden stacks of pancakes and breakfast fare, yet their menu is more expansive than omelets, waffles and flapjacks. IHOP has run a promotion where those who order one of their burgers will get unlimited servings of their seasoned fries. You might think that IHOP is the last place to go on National French Fry Day, but this offer is appealing to many consumers. The IHOP deal ends on July 31, so if you miss a French fry deal today, you can stop by IHOP until the end of the month and scoop up your free, unlimited seasoned fries.In addition to these National French Fry Day deals, there will be many local restaurants and retailers that will offer free French fries on July 13. Many bars also participate by providing free French fries to patrons on National French Fry Day. Those who have a favorite restaurant or frequent a bar might find that there are free French fries available or other French fry deals. What do you think about these deals? Are you going to celebrate National French Fry Day? Which restaurant or fast food joint are you planning on visiting today?

[Photo by Puhhha/Shutterstock]