July 13, 2016
Katy Perry: It's 'Last Friday Night' And Where Is Orlando Bloom?

Katy Perry receives a throwback from a previous cast member of the star's unforgettable "Last Friday Night" music video, according to Huffington Post. Anna Akana who admits to having had no interaction with Perry during the shoot recalls how the work lasted for 15 hours. Akana also recalls how she and the rest of the cast had to keep jumping up and down and singing TGIF.

"We just wanted to go home," says Akana who can't forget Katy Perry's running joke during the shoot about being No. 1.

"Katy Perry kept joking on set, calling herself No. 1 on the call sheet. So she'd be like, No. 1's hungry. No. 1 wants a coffee..."

Sounds like the typical Katy Perry personality — a workaholic, and a perfectionist. Incidentally, the "Firework" singer recently topped Twitter as the most followed person at 90 million followers and growing. Surely, no one can top that. However, Katy still has work to do. Selena Gomez remains to be the reigning queen of Instagram with a record 88.6 million followers.

She and Selena remain good friends, as they worked together to squash all the salacious rumors regarding Katy's beau, Orlando Bloom. And to prove that the two women's friendship is stronger than ever, Selena chose Katy's "Firework" song to play during her very own Fourth of July party, according to Huffington Post.

"Gomez also posted videos and photos of the party to Snapchat into the night, raising more than a few eyebrows by playing Katy Perry's 'Firework.' Though the song is a July 4th staple, Perry and Gomez BFF T-Swift have well-documented bad blood."
Anyway, Perry's "Last Friday Night" remains as one of the singer's big splashes on Billboard. The single stayed for two weeks at the No.1 position. This will explain why Katy couldn't stop saying No. 1 during the video shoot.

"The song's music video featured cameos by Darren Criss, Rebecca Black and Kenny G (among others), and a remix of the track added a verse by Missy Elliott," says the source.

But perhaps the most unforgettable part of the music video is Katy Perry's non-stop antics about being a nerdy school girl who's stuck with braces and who ends up with the hot varsity player on her bed. As for the song, well, it is about as catchy and as dancy as Justin Timberlake's latest hit single, "Can't Stop the Feeling."

As Katy busies herself with a new album, people are starting to wonder where Orlando Bloom is. The last time they were seen together was during the Cannes Film Festival.Are the two doing that impossible long-distance relationship? If so, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom should take it from Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron: Long-distance relationships don't work, as People attests. Perry's rival knows this only too well, as Taylor Swift won't let Tom Hiddleston out of her sight these days. They have been together in Rhode Island, Nashville, England, Rome, Italy, and Australia.

Apparently, Taylor wants to be with Tom even while he's at work. And who can blame the "Love Story" singer when she has finally stumbled on true love after looking for it for nearly eight years? In fact, E-News debunks all but one conspiracy theory about the two lovebirds by stating the simple fact that the two are in love, which adequately explains all the crazy PDAs they have been doing.

In comparison, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom prefer to keep it low-key, according to Just Jared. This will explain why people are starting to look for the two as they try to find time for each other in their own way.
"Orlando and his girlfriend Katy Perry are still going strong and they were spotted on a date over the weekend at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. They were super low-key and having a good time."
Although that doesn't necessarily rule out a long-distance relationship, that will have to do for now. Apparently, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom don't have any plans of overdoing the PDA thing.
[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]