June 29, 2017
‘Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Natalie Admits She Has a Love Interest in the House, Enemy Number One is Revealed, One Houseguest is Not Amused by Fruit Loop Dingus Talk [Spoilers]

Showmance fever seems to be in full swing inside the Big Brother 18 house, as some houseguests have taken a strong liking to one another. Natalie is no exception, and has openly admitted there is someone in the house she is sweet on. In the meantime, cast members appear dead set on getting out one particular player who has become enemy number one, while another houseguest fails to find the humor in a past nomination comment that brought back bad memories from another season.

According to Joker's Updates, Natalie was heard on live feeds professing a strong attraction to Big Brother 17 cast mate, James. In fact, the report indicates Natalie told some of the other girls in the house that she would actually date James in the real world. Natalie went on to further admit that she is "sweet on James and … he is her type."
Only about an hour before Natalie's proclamation, she and James were play fighting by wrestling and tickling. According to Joker's Updates, this interaction was accompanied by numerous and frequent squeals and "giggles."
Also Saturday evening, much talk was focused on the current number one enemy in the Big Brother 18 house, Victor. Although he was the Big Brother Road Kill winner, it appears this has not saved him from being a major target of a majority of the houseguests -- thus, he will probably be booted on the next live eviction episode Thursday.
Online Big Brother reports that Paulie and Frank said they are adamant they want nothing to do with Victor – even outside of the Big Brother 18 house.

Paulie, the current Big Brother 18 Head of Household (HOH), also won this week's Power of Veto (POV), so he is planning to remove one of the currently nominated cast members – Bronte, Paul, or Tiffany – and place Victor on the chopping block, Joker's Updates reports. This way, Victor has no chance to save himself and will more than likely be evicted. He, along with Glenn, Jozea, and the next two evicted houseguests will have a chance to return to the game in the Battle Back competition announced by Big Brother host Julie Chen during Thursday night's episode.

In yet another Big Brother 18 live feed conversation, the topic of which houseguest may have had the worst nomination speech in Big Brother history was on everyone's tongue. Inevitably, talk focused on Zack Rance, who played with veteran cast member Nicole in Season 16.

TV Grapevine reports that during his nomination of Nicole, Zack called her a "Fruit Loop Dingus," which during Saturday night's conversation, said made her mad, though she laughed at his speech at the time. However, she wasn't happy when her Big Brother 16 cast mates, even showmance Hayden Voss, laughed at Zack's dig.

Seemingly making her a bit more upset was the fact that Paulie began to quote Zack's nomination speech regarding Nicole, which went something like this.
"Nicole, oh Nicole. You know so much about this game … like a true super fan. Well, you Fruit Loop Dingus, I bet you didn't see this coming."
Nicole eventually left the room in a huff, but swore she was okay with Paulie's Big Brother 16 nomination speech reenactment. After her exit from the conversation, Paulie noted Nicole had said she was over it, but was now "acting like a baby," according to TV Grapevine.
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