June 29, 2017
Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Leaving On A Jet Plane

Taylor Swift and her new lover Tom Hiddleston are literally upping the ante after a down-to-earth pictured romance. Taylor took Hiddleston on a ride aboard her personal jet plane. TMZ spotted the new lovebirds boarding the plane for romance up in the skies. The source quips as follows:

"No doubt anymore about their relationship... they left Taylor's Rhode Island home and boarded her private jet for parts unknown. Her last name isn't Swift for nothing."
If that's the case, it's as good as saying goodbye to any future Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris reunion. Harris dumped Taylor Swift on June 1, just weeks after he was in a car crash where he wasn't fatally injured. Still, the accident caused by a careless young driver affected Calvin Harris' DJ schedule.

Taylor Swift was reportedly all over the dance artist as he tried to recover from the emotional shock of the incident. And yet it was only a matter of time before the couple would announce their breakup from a relationship that lasted for 15 months. This is the longest time that Swift has ever been in a relationship.

Meanwhile, Taylor and Tom looked amazingly color-coordinated as the two were snapped getting out of their respective vehicles — a white Toyota sports utility van and a dark blue cargo van. Both parties were wearing clothes that can be found in the blue-to-gray color palette. Taylor Swift, for example, is shown wearing a loose black blouse and a pleated gray mini skirt that accentuated her beautiful legs.

Meanwhile, Tom Hiddleston is looking more and more like a British secret agent by going with everything blue — jacket, short-sleeved shirt, and pants. Everything was also straight-cut, thereby accentuating the Avengers actor's tall and slim frame.

There have been rumors that the earlier shocking kissing scenes between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were staged. The two were snapped smooching on the rocks near Swift's home and facing the beach, with People being one of the earliest to report the sightings, which caught everyone by surprise. This is because there was not even a single hint or warning on social media before the shocking pictures emerged on the Internet.

Usually, matters like this have an alarm bell of some sort such as a single tweet about an impending flood of salacious photography — but not this time.

Both Tom and Taylor were casually attired then, with Taylor surprisingly looking like a British babysitter from her manner of dress. It indicates that she may be cozying up to a London way of life now that her new boyfriend is a British auditioning for the 007 vacancy left recently by Daniel Craig. And yes, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are – lo and behold — color-coordinated again.

The love scenes on the Rhode Island rocks are rather like a rehearsal scene for a James Bond movie where the famous British spy and assassin cozies up to his so-called Bond girl.

As events between the two lovers are unfolding so fast, both fan and observer reactions caused a flurry of ongoing social media tweets. Some tweets blame Taylor Swift for moving on too quickly following her breakup with Calvin Harris. Others would even slut-shame Taylor for having something like seven different boyfriends in a span of seven years.

However, to Taylor Swift's credit, it is well-known fact that she was not the one to call it quits on Calvin Harris. Vogue so succinctly documents Swift's thoughts on marrying or even having kids with Harris. And so what all the facts seem to point towards is that, at 26 years old, Taylor may be well aware that her biological clock is ticking.
If Harris isn't ready to commit to a more serious relationship, Taylor Swift must find someone else suitable for her plans. And by all indications, Tom Hiddleston is that someone as he fits the part and especially the marrying age. On the other hand, Calvin Harris seems to be more serious about being a dance artist than anything else. And Taylor Swift looks to be a woman raring and ready to settle down.

[Photos by Mark Davis and Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]