June 9, 2016
Netflix Tragic Horror Series 'Stranger Things' Releases Intense Trailer [Video]

Stranger Things is an intense Netflix original series that stars Winona Ryder in the lead role. Now that the show has released its first trailer, the series is primed to be one of the biggest offerings on Netflix since the release of Daredevil.

If there is one thing that fans got from the Netflix trailer of Stranger Things, it's that the story is set in the '80s, and it is about to take on a life of its own. The structure, tone, and atmosphere for the series are so authentic and visually stunning that fans of all genres will likely tune in to stream the show on Netflix.

The trailer for Stranger Things shows that the authentic atmosphere of the 1980s is more than just a period piece, according to Entertainment Weekly. The Netflix series is a story about a young boy who is being chased by some sort of ominous creature. Although the creature is unseen, its power did have some sort of supernatural overtone to it. The series is after all titled Stranger Things.

But Stranger Things would not be a true Netflix show if that were all that happened. Stranger Things features Winona Ryder in the lead role as the mother of the boy who was being chased by the monster. The boy ends up disappearing, presumably after the incident that was shown in the trailer. Soon after, the mother initiates a city or possibly a countywide manhunt for the boy. She enlists the help of the local authorities who seem to be giving her the cold shoulder.

The sheriff in the Stranger Things trailer told her that 99 out of 100 times, a missing child is either "with a parent or a relative." The woman points something out in a question that the sheriff could not answer, though.

"Well, what about the other time? You said 99 out of 100. What about the other time? The one?" Winona Ryder's character asked the sheriff.

Once you factor in the supernatural presence in the Stranger Things trailer, there is another ominous presence that also seems to be present. There was a single clip in particular that showed a team of searchers who enter a building in hazmat suits, which indicates that the Netflix show also seems to have some sort of government conspiracy or cover-up going on.

To really compound the plot of Stranger Things is the fact that it takes place in the 1980s. That was a time when technology was very much present, but it was not something that dominated families and culture. Cell phones were not something that people had in society, but they were of course around in the more affluent segments. But it highlights that young kids back in the 1980s did not have the advantages of getting out their cell phone and calling for help. They did not have the advantage of having electronic games or cameras at the dinner table or the ability to chat with their friends via an electronic device. They were more dependent on getting out on their bikes and riding to their friend's houses, most of the time by themselves.

That is also something that drew Winona Ryder to Stranger Things. In an interview with People, she expressed her reason why she wanted to take on the Netflix series.

"I think the audience will love the nostalgic voyage back in time before technology had completely took over," Winona Ryder told People. "Kids were asked to put their toys away at dinner – not their phones. Yet, there were astronauts [that] were going to space and government conspiracies loomed. It was just such a different world back then."

Netflix and supernatural genre fans can tune in to stream Stranger Things on Netflix on July 15.

[Image via Netflix]