June 9, 2016
'The View' Speculations Continue: Who Will Be Chattering Away At The Controversial Table Next Season?

It seems that every new season comes a shake up on ABC's The View. Speculations on who is staying, who is going, and which lady they will bring in next is always up in the air this time of year. The execs take a look at the recent panel they have now and then they decide if the current women are still a good fit for the show.

While it is no surprise how controversial The View can be, it is sometimes a shock as to who they choose to put on the panel. This season started out with head honcho Whoopi Goldberg, along with Joy Behar, Candace Cameron-Bure, Raven-Symone, Michelle Collins, and Paula Faris as the regular co-hosts. They also brought in Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, and Jedediah Bila as guest co-hosts to fill in when needed.

Now the rumors and speculations on who will be the next group of females chattering away at the controversial table begins. Deadline called it the "Panelist Purge." They also hinted that it is pretty certain that Whoopi Goldberg will be signing a new contract to continue with The View in the fall. Anyone else is fair game at this point.

However, Joy Behar will most likely be a good choice to also be sticking around with Whoopi. The rest of the current panel may not be so lucky. It has already been reported by Variety that comedian Michelle Collins will not return to the show after only one year at the table with the gabby women. She has already been very hit and miss these last few weeks, with guest hosts taking over for her.

Sara Haines may join The View.
[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]The speculation now is that Good Morning America's Sara Haines will be taking over Michelle's hot seat on The View. Many think that she is a good choice, as she is quite funny and dives right into the topics at hand. She also has a new baby to chat about, which always makes for good conversation among the female population. However, ABC is not ready to make any official announcements just yet, as they told Deadline recently.
"We're lucky to have terrific and talented guest co-hosts fill in at the table and we include Sara Haines on that list. When we are ready to make to make an announcement about next season, we will."
How about Raven-Symone? It may be that her outspoken opinions have gotten her into enough trouble to not have her back this upcoming season. Of course, The View is all about differing opinions. Raven seems to get along with everyone on the panel, even conservative Candace Cameron-Bure. However, her statements that she sometimes makes gets her into trouble with viewers, and that is what ABC will probably take into consideration whether they choose to bring her back or not.

Then there is also Candace Cameron-Bure who was brought in with GMA's Paula Faris. Both are Christians and have pretty much the same viewpoint on most things. This has made for an interesting difference in opinions with these two and the more liberal women like Whoopi and Joy, but it seems that Candace is only there half the time because of her busy Fuller House schedule and trying to find time to be with her family. So even if the execs do want her back on The View, the actress may just decide that it is way too much on her plate for now.

As for Paula Faris, that is still debatable on whether she will return, but she does bring the most updated news to the panel as she is a journalist. Having Candace join The View last year seems to have brought a whole new audience that may not have liked the talk show in the past. The fact that Fuller House has been brought back and has put the beloved actress back into the spotlight has certainly helped the interest along, as well as her conservative opinions that show a different side of things.

As Whoopi always points out, it is called The View for a reason. At least this current panel seems to get along pretty well and have been respectful of their differences for the most part. Will that continue next season?

Are you happy with this current group of women? Who would you like to see stay, come back, or get recruited for the new season of The View?

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]