June 9, 2016
WWE News: Bray Wyatt Cleared For Return To The Ring; Will He Come Back As A Face Or Heel?

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Bray Wyatt was in Oklahoma City on Monday, and more importantly, backstage during the taping of Monday Night RAW. Of course, Wyatt did not appear on the show, nor did he come out for any type of dark match after RAW went off the air. His return has been kept under lock and key, but as that previous report indicated, there have been discussions about adding Bray to the Money in the Bank ladder match at the pay-per-view event on June 19.

According to Ringside News, Bray Wyatt has been cleared to return to action, and presumably he was cleared this past week, but WWE officials just weren't ready to use him. It appears as if the goal was to wait for Wyatt to get a clean bill of health before bringing back the Wyatt Family as a collective unit. However, that's still unlikely with Luke Harper rehabbing his knee after surgery and now scheduled to star in a horror-action movie, Hemlock Grove, filming in upstate New York where Harper lives.

bray wyatt and family
[Image via WWE]Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman are both healthy, but WWE creative pulled them from television until their leader, Bray Wyatt was ready to be back. That seems to be now, though most of the Money In The Bank feuds are already in place. The one exception being the ladder match, as there's no hard and fast rule about how many participants need to be in the match. WWE originally booked it as a seven-person match, but have made no mention of that since qualifying began on May 23. However, they wouldn't have to jump through many logic hoops to insert Bray at the last minute, with next week's RAW from New Orleans acting as the go-home show for Money In The Bank.

So the big question, aside from what program Wyatt will enter upon returning, remains in what capacity he'll return, either heel or face. Original plans called for Bray to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam after having teased the program dating all the way back to January. But those plans appeared to have changed once WWE decided to turn the Wyatt Family face to set up a post-WrestleMania angle with the League of Nations. Few expected that turn to have that big a bearing on Wyatt and Lesnar's SummerSlam plans, but that was apparently the case.

Obviously, Bray Wyatt's calf injury, suffered in Milan, stifled any feud with the League of Nations that would have at least seen a six-man tag match at Payback. With the Wyatts out of the picture, the League disbanded, and might have just been placeholders to help elevate Bray and company into higher faces anyway. So in essence, the injury may have given WWE officials the ability push the reset button on a Bray Wyatt face-turn if they so choose.

bray wyatt return
[Image via WWE]Despite fans pining for the contrary, WWE brought Seth Rollins back as a top heel and immediately inserted him into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture with Roman Reigns. The main reason ended up being because the roster was too thin at the heel position. The same fate may await Bray Wyatt, as his on-camera babyface persona was only on display for one segment of RAW. Bringing him back heel helps balance the top of the card, but it also allows him to get matched back up with Lesnar if they want to resume those discussions. The only caveat there is Brock's newly-signed commitment to UFC. WWE will surely need several options laid out for Lesnar's return in time for SummerSlam based on whether he wins or loses, and in what kind of fashion. Would a Bray Wyatt character fit into a storyline with a legitimate prize fighter coming off a legitimate fight?

[Image via WWE]