June 9, 2016
SISTAR Comeback: K-Pop Girl Group Releases Numerous Images Including Individual Teasers Of Hyorin And Bora

One of the most popular K-pop girl groups in the industry today is Sistar. Formed back in 2010, the four-member group, consisting of Hyorin, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom, have epitomized the concept of sexy without being too promiscuous. This can easily be seen in their comeback last year, when they released "Shake It" around the summertime.

Although the song's lyrics talked about shaking one's butt, although not in the sense of twerking, it came off more like having a good time, something that should be experienced during the summer. The same can be said with their comeback before "Shake It," "Touch My Body," a song that had a unique dance move pertaining to booty.

Now Sistar, along with their entertainment label Starship Entertainment, is making it known they are making their comeback, about one year after their last comeback, with the extended play (known as a mini-album in Korea) titled Shake It. To help build hype, Sistar is releasing a lot of promotional images, including two individual shots of Hyorin and Bora.

Sistar started their promotions for their upcoming K-pop comeback on June 1 with an announcement image followed by riddle images the next day. On June 7, Sistar released another set of riddle images with the tagline "accessories," as reported by AllKpop. It included a set of four pictures of the four members of Sistar in which the entire picture is darkened out except for a rectangular area that highlights an earring they are wearing.

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The next day, after the "accessories" riddle images, Sistar released another set of riddle images with the tagline "eye contact." It featured four pictures of each member gazing into the camera as if they are looking right into the observer's soul. Today, however, K-pop fans, especially Star1 (devoted fans of Sistar), got a gander at what members would look like in the upcoming comeback. Soompi reports that Sistar released a set of individual teasers of both Hyorin and Bora. Each member has three separate images, which includes a portrait shot, a close-up body shot, and a full body shot. All three kinds of shots possibly point to a Middle Eastern theme.

Hyorin, Sistar, Starship Entertainment

Bora, Sistar, Starship Entertainment
Both Hyorin (top) and Bora (bottom) showcase close-ups of their bodies in these individual teasers. They are set in a room cascaded with Middle Eastern rugs while wearing skin-tight outfits featuring unique designs. In Hyorin's teaser, she is laying down. Bora, on the other hand, is sitting upright. [Image via Starship Entertainment/Sistar Promotions for 2016 Comeback]

There is still plenty of time before K-pop fans, especially Star1, will get their hands on Sistar's fourth mini-album, as it releases on June 21. This means more information about the album will eventually be released in which the latest so far is that Black Eyed Victory will be producing. It is also most likely within this spread of time that the music video for the featured song, which remains unnamed at the moment, will release too. Until then, all we can do is wait as Sistar, through Starship Entertainment, releases more details of their comeback.

[Image via Starship Entertainment/Sistar Promotions for 2016 Comeback]