June 9, 2016
Aaron Rodgers: New Diet To Prolong Football Career Lacks One Main Wisconsin Asset

Aaron Rodgers' new diet may have you all a bit shocked, as the well-known cheese head and Wisconsin fan favorite is turning down cheese, and with that he also bids farewell to his status as a renowned cheese head.

However, Rodgers isn't just cutting cheese, he's ridding his body of all dairy products. Cheeses, yogurts, and milk. Aaron Rodgers wants to serve as a member of the Green Bay Packers for as long as he can, and he is citing his desire to maintain his internal health as the reason for his dietary change.

According to ESPN, Aaron Rodgers is quoted as saying that he just wants to get healthier, and he is prepared to back up his choice with medical research that he, his personal trainer, and his nutritionist underwent to come to this exact conclusion. For Aaron Rodgers' new diet, he even went as far as to seek the advice of his peers in and out of the league to see what their diets were and how they would compare.

According to the Denver Post, it was just last week that Rodgers chose to release his new diet plan and his removal of his signature 80/20 plan that almost mimicked the mindset of a college frat boy. The 80 standing for that percentage out of 100 for healthier choices, and the remaining 20 would stand for everything else he would want to eat. Unfortunately with those types of diets and nutritional plans, it is difficult to fully keep track of everything you're eating and to log it to ensure that all of the statistics remain legitimate. Aaron Rodgers' new diet was inspired by fellow athlete, Tom Brady, who has his own cookbook.

Rodgers added a little to beef up his stance on his choice to alter his diet, demonstrating how much of a true athlete he really is.

"Through your eating, you can reduce inflammation because if you do research, you learn the different foods you eat can actually increase the inflammation in your body and especially in certain parts of your body."
The quote is obviously referring to Rodgers' battle with his knee following surgery.

According to CBS Sports,Aaron Rodgers is at his lowest weight in almost ten years, weighing in at around 215 pounds, his record high being nearly 230 pounds.

Rodgers want to ensure that he will be able to maintain his career within the NFL and looks to keep this new lifestyle during the on and off season. Perhaps this Tom Brady-inspired diet will become known as the Aaron Rodgers New Diet and add some publicity to the concept.

Weight loss has almost become a staple of conversation in the Packer world, with hopes to increase their players' agility and ability to exercise agile and precise movements on the field during games.

Aaron Rodgers, who is 32 years of age, is hoping to be able to play until he is well into his 40s. Whether or not Rodgers plans on dropping this new diet after retiring from the game is still unknown, but it currently appears that Rodgers is looking to follow this as a lifestyle and not just a diet.

Aaron Rodgers is following the footsteps of two other NFL superstars, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, who are both dairy free and nearing their 40s while also performing at a peak level. Maybe dairy is the one thing that is holding all of our athletes back these days, especially with the ideology behind whey protein, which is also a dairy product, but is widely used amongst all forms of athletes, and even many energy supplement drinks contain some form of dairy in their ingredients.

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[Photo by Matt Ludtke/AP Images]