June 29, 2017
Could Perrie Edwards Be Dating Mix Men Dancer Claudimar Neto? Social Media Raises Questions

Perrie Edwards and Little Mix have been amazing fans with their Get Weird Tour concerts in Asia over the month of May, but they have also been spending a considerable amount of time with their backup dancers: The Mix Men.

However, the burning question for many Perrie Edwards fans is whether or not she has started dating someone. Adding to this, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, details have been adding up for months that Perrie Edwards might be cuddling up to one of the Mix Men.

About their tour, The Philippine Star wrote that Little Mix sang their version of Jennifer Lopez' "Crazy in Love" and that Perrie Edwards tweeted later that "Australia, Japan, Philippines... You have been insane so far! Don't want this tour to ever end!"

Perrie Edwards fans are happy to tweet about how much they want to see her in love again
Perrie Edwards' fans tweet about how they want to see her happy and in love. [Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP]Was all of this any indication that Perrie Edwards is perhaps feeling high spirits because she fell in love while she was on tour in Asia? Naturally, there is always an interest in whether or not Perrie Edwards has moved on from Zayn Malik, according to Daily Star, but Perrie Edwards has stated in the past that she loves being single.

Despite this, although Perrie Edwards and Little Mix have a larger following on social media, dedicated Little Mix fans have no doubt noticed that Perrie Edwards and one of the Mix Men have been getting a lot closer lately. Could there be romance on the horizon for Perrie Edwards and this Mix Men dancer?

On social media, there are several posts from the Mix Men without Perrie Edwards or Little Mix, and it is apparent when comparing last year's tour pics that their crew has been growing. In the past, the primary Mix Men were Claudimar Neto, Randall Watson, Jaron Johnson, and Wolfgang Mwanje.

Now, there are two new prominent Mix Men that are currently touring with Perrie Edwards and Little Mix named Aaron Witter and Luke Johnson.

As far as relationship status information about the Mix Men, it appears that Luke Johnson, Jaron Johnson, and Wolfgang Mwanje have or had girlfriends in the past six months -- and they are barely pictured with Perrie Edwards on social media.

This leaves Aaron Witter, Randall Watson, and Claudimar Neto as potential Mix Men suitors for Perrie Edwards -- and recent social media posts might raise a few eyebrows, since there is apparent chemistry between Perrie Edwards and Claudimar Neto.

For example, on May 20, Little Mix posted a Twitter pic that Claudimar Neto retweeted of him holding Perrie Edwards in the air with the two of them locking eyes. Of course, the idea that this was a moment between lovers was eschewed when it was captioned with "Love being on stage with this crazy one! #Fwends #DancingFwends LETS GO MANILA! Perrie <3."

On May 18, Perrie Edwards posted a picture of her and Claudimar Neto on Instagram that was taken by Claudimar -- and one fan commented under the picture "are they dating?!"

Furthermore, the Daily Mail points out that this May 18 series of posts from Perrie Edwards was "a treat" for her fans and the pictures showed her "smoldering" in a Japanese hotel room -- and it appears some of the photos may have been taken by Claudimar Neto.

A couple of days later, a seemingly forlorn Claudimar Neto posted the following message on Twitter on May 22.

"One of the keys to moving ahead is knowing what to leave behind @ Manila, Philippines."
Did Claudimar Neto and Perrie Edwards decide to leave their romance behind in Manila? For now, there is no official supporting evidence that Perrie Edwards and Claudimar Neto have ever been romantic or are interested in each other.

Little Mix tour is starting again on June 12
Little Mix will resume touring on June 12 with an appearance in the U.K. on June 11. [Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP]Thankfully, there will be more opportunities to see if the chemistry between Perrie Edwards and Claudimar Neto plays out because they are touring for most of 2016.

Little Mix will wrap up their Asia leg of the Get Weird Tour on May 23 and return to tour the U.K. and Europe on June 11 for the Capital FM Summertime Ball and June 12 for a concert in Stockholm, Sweden.

[Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP]