May 15, 2016
Duggar Family Reminds Fans Pride, Arrogance, And Self-Confidence Are Sins, Says To Remain Humble

The Duggar family often uses social media to encourage fans to read devotionals created by son-in-laws Ben Seewald and Derick Dillard. It appears that the family is focusing once again on the sins of self-confidence by pulling up an old devotional by Ben Seewald outlining why pride and arrogance are sinful in nature.

The Duggar family's official Facebook account posted a link to one of Ben Seewald's old devotionals regarding pride, arrogance, and self-confidence. The devotional outlines why all three of these attributes are sinful and should be shunned by Christians as a whole.


The blog details the changing of King Nebuchadnezzar from a prideful man to a "humble worshiper" of God. Ben claims that Christians can learn a lot from the story of Nebuchadnezzar and that the central theme is that pride and arrogance lead to sin and separation from God.

"God hates pride. God is a jealous God; He is jealous for His own glory. He will be praised, honored, and glorified as God. He alone is worthy of this; we are not. Pride steals what rightfully belongs to God and attempts to give it to someone or something that is utterly unworthy of it."
Therefore, Ben Seewald claims that, as humans, we must turn away from pride and self-confidence and rely on "God-confidence" instead. To Ben, this God-confidence involves humbling yourself and realizing that you fall incredibly short of God and his glory. In fact, Ben says we should never pat ourselves on the back as God "hates" it. He notes that our society praises self-confidence and pride but claims that these ideals are at odds with a Godly society.
"We live in a prideful, arrogant culture where pride and self-confidence are praised as virtues. In America, patting yourself on the back is becoming increasingly accepted, but God hates it with a passion."
Interestingly, it is Ben Seewald that many fans and those critical of the Duggar family have called out as self-absorbed. Ben, along with his wife Jessa Seewald, have been determined as the "vain" Duggars by many who follow the family. From Jessa Seewald's selfie obsession to Ben's "rapping," many feel the pair are obsessed with public attention and praise.


The Seewalds have also been accused of using fans for financial gain. They were blasted during Jessa's pregnancy for requesting gifts from fans and now many are asking what exactly the family does to earn money aside from relying on reality television fame.

The Duggar patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar, has a variety of businesses including real estate and flipping vehicles. However, it is unclear exactly how much of the family's income comes from outside sources and what comes from their reality show and speaking gigs.

Jessa has consistently been paid on the speaking circuit with the Southern Women's Show but aside from her speaking engagements, there has been very little indication that the new mom is working outside of reality television. Likewise, husband Ben Seewald claims to be working for Jim Bob Duggar in some capacity which has not been fully revealed. Therefore, many have questioned if the family is living off of their reality stardom.

However, the Duggars have used their reality fame to make money in other ways. One way that the Duggars make money is by promoting a variety of Christian-based products to viewers. For example, the family has done some marketing work via their social media channels for Living Waters gospel tracts. The family promotes the product through their social media accounts, such as Instagram, and encourage fans to purchase the product.



With so much controversy surrounding the family, do you think the family may be using Ben Seewald's old blog posts to make a statement? Are they attempting to respond to backlash by claiming that they are not arrogant or prideful as many have claimed recently?

[Image via Instagram/Jessa Seewald]