May 15, 2016
WWE News: Lilian Garcia Responds To WWE Release Rumors

A Lilian Garcia release from the WWE started trending online following the release of a number of wrestlers with more releases promised in the near future. While this came as a surprise for Lilian's fans, it was even more of a surprise for Garcia herself, since she was not released from the WWE

Last week, the WWE released a number of superstars including the very popular Damien Sandow and the injured Christian. However, more WWE release rumors are imminent, including the rumor that there would be a surprising release and the release of a long-time star. The biggest name that came out of those rumors was Lilian Garcia, but Lilian headed over to Facebook to both deny that the WWE released her and to post a lengthy thank you to her fans for their support.

While the news of the Lilian Garcia release was shocking to her fans, it was equally surprising for Lilian herself. Garcia did take the time to mention that the news, while false, came at the perfect time because of other problems she is dealing with at the moment. Lilian's father is battling bladder cancer and multiple Myeloma, which is blood cancer.
"I want to thank all of you for the many messages you have tweeted & FB'd me when you thought I had been released. It truly shows me how much I matter to you, and right now more than ever, I needed to know that."
The reports originally started thanks to the fact that Lilian was missing from WWE television for weeks before the release news started with the other talent. According to Wrestling Inc. professional wrestling insider, Dave Meltzer, there were people inside the WWE that believed Garcia had been released, but there were others who told him Lilian was not one of the recent releases.
"There were so many people of the impression that she was gone. I had heard from so many people. People in the company thought she was gone, but there were people in the company who told me she wasn't gone, too. But it had spread like crazy."
The WWE release news so far has included Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett, Santino Marella, Cameron, Hornswoggle, Alex Riley, El Torito, and Zeb Colter. Luckily fans of Lilian Garcia can take solace in the fact that she is remaining in the company.
Lilian Garcia has been with the WWE since 1999, making her one of the longest-tenured of the female stars in the company. Lilian left for a short time in 2009 when she embarked on a music career but returned to the company and resumed her role as the main ring announcer in 2011. Eden Stiles has been working as a ring announcer while Lilian has taken the time off from work to be with her father.

There are still rumors of WWE releases, including the possibility of a big name leaving the company. Those rumors have included names like Randy Orton, Mark Henry, and Ryback. The chance of Ryback leaving is assured with the recent public comments he made about the WWE. However, many believe that he is the big name that has been rumored. As for the surprise name, that might have been Christian, who was released from his talent contract but still will likely stay on in another role.

As for Garcia, she assured her fans that she will be back on TV on Monday night. She said that she is happy to be making the return to WWE Monday Night Raw because she has missed all her fans. The Lilian Garcia release might have been a false alarm, but it sounds like the rumors came just when she needed it the most.

[Photo by Lucas Rossi/Invision for Knott's Berry Farm/AP Images]