May 15, 2016
Caitlyn Jenner: On The Joys Of Being A Woman And GLAAD Awards, Receives Award Alongside Sawyer

Caitlyn Jenner got candid when she took to Instagram prior to her appearance at the GLAAD Awards. The reality star, who recently experienced a transition from being a man and was known as Olympic Athlete Bruce Jenner to the figure the world now sees on the E! network in the reality show I Am Cait, was happy to show her routine for getting prepped for the big event.

People shares as to the post on social media by Caitlyn Jenner and also shares about the star's excitement at being a part of the evening.

"Caitlyn Jenner shared a peek at her beauty routine before the 27th Annual GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday, taking a selfie with only a face mask and under-eye masks on. 'The joys of being a woman,' she wrote on Instagram. 'Sooo worth it. #glaadawards #saturdaymorningfun.'"

Jenner got glammed up, trading in her bathrobe for a gorgeous and glittery Donna Karan gown in all black for the event, which was held in New York City. The reality star took to the stage after winning the outstanding TV journalism award for the interview she sat down for with Diane Sawyer in April of last year on 20/20.

To begin her speech, Jenner made a point of advocating for the transgender community.

"We are human beings. And the society we live should be up here."

Caitlyn then spoke of the interview which millions across the nation tuned in for.

"We went to Mark, Diane's producer and we said, 'how can we do this?' I couldn't have found a better person. We both wanted Diane to do this."

Jenner then turned her attention to paying tribute to Diane for starting her new life as a transgender person off on "such a positive note."

"Diane, you did this episode. You can only tell your story the first time once," Jenner continued. "And it was done perfectly – not just for me, but for the community. And it really started this last year off for me on such a positive note."

Although Caitlyn Jenner reflects on the interview as a breakthrough and a positive beginning to her new life, she also was sure to note the difficulty and challenges that came from her disclosure on the popular news program, mainly those involving her own children. Jenner shares that her "biggest challenge" was communicating about the interview with daughters Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

As for the rest of the world, Caitlyn shared how exciting it was to witness the comments and support and how social media picked up on the revelations.

"'Within minutes after the show started, social media started to go crazy,' Jenner said of watching it alongside the girls, adding later, 'They're like, 'Oh, my God, look at this comment, look at this comment."' The show was done in such a compassionate way."

The reality star then concluded her time on the stage by sharing how the past year has been "quite a ride," later expressing how wonderful it is to live life as the person she authentically feels she is.

"There is nothing better in life, than living your life authentically."

Unfortunately, over the past year that Caitlyn has been living her life as her "authentic self," the star has faced criticism and scrutiny from the LGBT community that she seeks to advocate for. Many activists for the community do not feel that Jenner is a good representation of individuals within the community who struggle day-to-day without the equal opportunities afforded to those who are not transgender. Such activists see Caitlyn as an ill-informed celebrity who has fallen into the role as an advocate simply because of her popularity.

In addition, there have been rumors that Jenner has shared regrets over transitioning. However, as the Boston Herald relays, Jenner states these are untrue claims.

[Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for GLAAD]