May 15, 2016
Drake Shaves His Beard: Rapper Does Great On 'SNL', But Lack Of Facial Hair Upsets Twitter

Rapper Drake drew a lot of attention this week with his highly-anticipated performance on Saturday Night Live.

The "One Dance" rapper had double duty on the popular sketch comedy show, serving as the show's host as well as the musical guest. Quite a few people apparently enjoyed his overall performance on Saturday Night Live, including the hilarious sketches that blended his acting skills with his musical talents.

However, a vast number of people reacted on Twitter to something other than his songs or sketches. The fact that Drake apparently decided to shave his beard may have drawn the most attention on Saturday night.

For quite some time now, Drake has maintained a full beard to complement his usual fade hairstyle. It was the look that many people thoroughly enjoyed staring at in the popular "Hotline Bling" music video last year. Drake also kept his beard intact when he coached the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game earlier this year.

Earlier this week, it may have seemed as if the 29-year-old Grammy winner would keep his bearded look heading into his Saturday Night Live gig. Keep in mind that he still had the beard when he filmed the SNL promotional videos alongside Leslie Jones.

However, he made it clear that was not the case as soon as he stepped out onto the Saturday Night Live stage to deliver his opening monologue.

Based on the reactions and responses posted to Twitter, quite a few people were not happy about Drake deciding to shave his highly-appreciated facial hair.

There were also some tweets that found clever ways to poke fun at Drake's decision to shave his beard.

There is even a celebrity lookalike comparison claiming that a clean-shaven Drake looks just like former model and actor Billy Zane in the 90s.

Chances are that Drake shaved his beard so that he could play a wide variety of characters on Saturday Night Live. If he kept his full beard, it would have been much harder to distinguish the Hotline Bling rapper from his sketch characters. Based on the attention that his beard received, it may have been more of a distraction anyway.

Whether he shaved for SNL or not is not 100 percent clear. Longtime Drake fans may enjoy the fresh face with light stubble look since that was the style that he stuck with for a while during the earlier stages of his career. Perhaps Drake will consider growing his beard back out again right away or at some point in the future. At the end of the day, though, the fact that his facial hair (or lack thereof) can generate so much buzz speaks volumes about his star power.

[Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images]