May 15, 2016
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Alexis Loses It After Julian Lies About Killing Carlos -- Is This The End For Julexis?

It seems that soap couples can never stay happy for too long, but General Hospital fans were certainly rooting for Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome to be the exception. Things were great between them as it looked like Julian was out of the mob for good this time. Alexis trusted him, but that trust has now been broken after Carlos Rivera was murdered, and Julian is now caught in his own web of lies.

From the looks of the previews for Monday's episode of General Hospital, Alexis will lose it with her new husband after learning that Carlos had been stabbed. She assumed that he had been shot, but after learning that a knife was used, everything took a downward spiral. Her finger is pointing straight to Julian as she realizes that he had the time to meet with Carlos before he got to Crimson, he had the perfect weapon to use, and he definitely had a motive to kill his hitman. She will tell him that the look on his face told her what she needed to know.

"The moment that I told you that Carlos was wounded and not dead, that look on your face... that look on your face was sheer panic."

Julian defends himself against her accusations, saying that he wasn't panicked but was praying that Carlos would make it through. Of course, that was a lie, because he thought Carlos was already dead. He keeps telling Alexis that Carlos was a good friend. She is not buying that at all.

General Hospital star William DeVry.
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The worst part in the General Hospital preview was that Alexis pointed out that Julian used the same dagger to kill Carlos that Helena Cassadine used to take her mother's life. Julian still lies to her face and tells her that the knife is clean. This is when she grabs the dagger and throws it across the room. It almost looked like she would turn it on him, but instead, she tossed it as hard as she could and screamed out that she knew he had cleaned it.

Unfortunately, now Alexis has contaminated the murder weapon with her fingerprints. Celeb Dirty Laundry had posted spoilers that Alexis will eventually be arrested for stabbing and killing Carlos. It looks like this rumor may just be true after all.

This will be a heartbreaking scene for all of those Julexis fans who love these two together. Their marriage is crumbling already. It looks like poor Alexis is cursed when it comes to men.

The confrontation is expected to be highly emotional as Alexis gets her heart shattered knowing that the love of her life has gone back to the mob and has just murdered someone. It will definitely not be pretty. He has broken her trust, and being that she is a lawyer, he puts her in a very bad position.

Alexis Davis has been a staple character on General Hospital for many years. She has three daughters by three different men and has never really found the one guy that was truly her soulmate until Julian came along. He is the father of her firstborn, Sam Morgan, and once they reconnected years later, it was magic. General Hospital fans loved their connection from the start. Now it looks like that magic may be gone for good.

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Alexis wants some answers. Will Julian eventually confess his sins to his wife? At the end of Friday's episode of General Hospital, Julian was knee deep in lies. He showed no emotion as he insisted that he did not take the dagger to kill Carlos. If Alexis does get arrested, maybe Julian will end up confessing. Rumors are swirling that he gets arrested at the upcoming Nurses Ball, so maybe he does fess up to get his wife off the hook.

How do you think this will all play out for Julian and Alexis on General Hospital? Can Julian be redeemed?

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