May 15, 2016
Niall Horan Adds Manager, Says Discovering Young Golfers A Priority

Niall Horan has been enjoying time off from One Direction by playing golf, but he also decided to make a business centered around the sport. Although it seemed Niall Horan's golf company, Modest Golf Management, could be in the early stages for a while, it appears that it is finally taking off in a big way with two important announcements.

However, the main goal of Niall Horan's company has also been defined, and his focus is on young upcoming talent in the golf world.

The first important news that Niall Horan shared with the world about Modest Golf was in mid-March. This is when Niall Horan announced the charity event that he is hosting in late May with pro golfer, Justin Rose, according to Simon Jones PR.

Niall Horan and Justin Rose will be co-hosts to raise money for kids cancer research
Justin Rose is co-host of Niall Horan's first golf charity event. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Following this, the most exciting news about Modest Golf was that they opened a new social media account around mid-March, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

As time moved on, more clarification came along about Niall Horan's intentions with Modest Golf Management. For example, Mark McDonnell was added as the chief staff person in February, according to Golf Digest.

Now, Niall Horan is further defining Modest Golf Management in several ways. First of all, Niall Horan has added to the staff, secured his first gig, and now has a clear mission statement for his golf management agency.

For example, on May 14 Belfast Telegraph wrote that Niall Horan and Modest Golf have landed their first real job with the North Ireland Open that takes place July 28 to 31.

Interestingly, when interviewing about the North Ireland Open announcement concerning Modest Golf and Niall Horan, Hamilton Spectator quotes Niall Horan on May 13 talking about the true intentions behind Modest Golf.

In short, it appears that Niall Horan is focused on being the Simon Cowell of golf and events like the North Ireland Open could be Niall Horan's version of the X Factor auditions.

About what Modest Golf and Niall Horan have in mind, Niall is quoted as saying the following.

"The next generation of golfers is a huge focus for us as a business. You only need to look at the history of the Challenge Tour [that the North Ireland Open is a part of] to see the calibre of player it produces. We are hugely excited to be official partners to the NI Open and welcome some amazing golf talent from across the world to participate."
Nevertheless, this is not the only new news about Niall Horan and Modest Golf. For instance, Today's Golfer wrote on May 13, "In addition, Modest! Golf Management are pleased to announce they have appointed Ian Watts as head of their golf development division."

They quote Modest Golf's main staff person, Mark McDonnell, stating the following about Ian Watts.

"Ian boasts over 20 years experience in the golf industry dealing with some of the world's best players on a daily basis. We are delighted he has decided to join the team."
In the meantime, outside of golfing, there are only a few places that Niall Horan might be seen or placed with One Direction. In addition to the possibility of One Direction and Niall Horan reuniting for the Billboard Music Awards show in Las Vegas on May 22, Niall Horan is in the May 15 episode of Family Guy.

Niall Horan may be at the RIO 2016 Olympic Games because they will have golf
Niall Horan may be at the Rio 2016 Olympics because they have a golfing event for the first time since the early 1900s. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

The Family Guy episode, titled "Run, Chris, Run" portrays all of the members of One Direction, but Niall Horan has no speaking part, according to Irish Examiner.

Along with several golfing charity events, Niall Horan may also be a part of the Rio Olympics golf events. According to the Rio 2016 website for the golfing events, the men's and women's competitions will take place from August 5 to 21 in Brazil.

[Picture by David Cannon/Getty Images]