May 15, 2016
Louis Tomlinson And Girlfriend Face Racy Photo Backlash

This week Louis Tomlinson was livid when pictures of him removing girlfriend Danielle Campbell's bikini top on holiday emerged on social media. Tomlinson took to Twitter to rant that "privacy laws are f***ed" after the breast-baring paparazzi photographs were splashed across the internet.

Teen Vogue reports that Directioners went into panic mode when pictures of Louis' girlfriend nuzzling with another man hit social media a little later.

The mag reassured readers that Danielle, an actress, was posing for a staged photo shoot organized by her photographer brother.

"Before freaking out that anything is amiss, it's important to check the facts before hopping on board a bunch of rumors. These were actually from a photoshoot done by her brother, who's an aspiring photographer, and Danielle was simply helping him out. As an actress, she has to act out things that aren't true nearly every day. It's kind of her job. And though Directioners are just trying to be protective of Louis, they should also remember that he and Danielle make each other happy — and that few things aren't as they seem on the 'gram."
The scandals were far from over, though. Suspicious and curious Directioners took to Twitter to ask Louis why he spoke out about the Danielle violation when he has been silent about a number of issues that were closer to their hearts.

Briana fans were sad about the fact that Louis defends Danielle so passionately, but he has not spoken out defending Briana Jungwirth, the mother of his baby son Freddie.

Briana has stated that she is having a hard time dealing with the internet hate that comes with any sort of association with One Direction.

Louis is no longer in a relationship with Freddie's mom -- Tomlinson is obviously keeping some distance between himself and the Jungwirths. Louis is concentrating on fathering Freddie during his custody periods, and building his relationship with Danielle.

Perhaps the co-parents are not on the best terms -- Louis watchers reported that Briana unfollowed both Louis Tomlinson and his mom on Instagram a couple of days ago.

Some people suspected that the whole topless Danielle Campbell photo scandal was actually staged.

The suspicious cohort of Louis' fan base have long accused him of calling paps for organized "pap walks," perhaps at the urging of Louis' money-hungry boss Simon Cowell.

Those who buy the "pap walk" theory laughed at the suggestion that Tomlinson and Campbell's privacy had been invaded.

"You called the paps yourself!" fans declared. One person thought it seemed like Louis was looking straight at the camera but canoodling with Danielle anyway.

Generally though, Tomlinson fans expressed empathy and declared that everybody has a right to privacy.
Amidst all the Louis-related scandals and chatter, Sugarscape has taken a moment to list all the incredibly charitable and kind things the One Direction star has done for various organizations over the years.

Louis Tomlinson is a fan of supporting children's charities in particular, and has lent his face and cash to everyone from the Eden Dora Trust, Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice and the Make A Wish Foundation.

"It's no secret that all of the One Direction boys are forever getting involved with different charities, but their lovely work often gets overlooked in favour of focusing on other, way less important stuff. It just ain't fair, is it?"
Topping the Sugarscape list of the most charitable things Louis has done was his work organizing the Believe In Magic Cinderella charity ball. Louis and One Direction band mate Liam Payne attended the event and Louis even did some MC'ing.

Is Louis Tomlinson the best or what?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]