May 15, 2016
Joe Biden Would Be A Stronger Democratic Presidential Nominee Than Hillary Clinton

It is safe to say that Hillary Clinton is likely going to be the Democratic presidential nominee even though she is finding trouble putting away her fellow candidate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. One could argue that Clinton is powerful, but there are other candidates who could have run away with the race long ago. One of those candidates could have been Vice President Joseph Biden.

Joe Biden Would Be A Stronger Democratic Presidential Nominee Than Hillary Clinton
Democratic Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton [Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

The United States Of America is clearly at the turning point in its political history. The Republican Party is becoming more divided by the minute. Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump did not create these cracks in the GOP. What he managed to do was exploit them at the correct time. The same goes for Bernie Sanders with the Democratic Party.

Sanders sparked a revolution that is going to stick around for years to come. He really resonates with millennials, and when it is their turn to run things, the effects of the Bernie Sanders' campaign will really be felt. As much as there is a divide in the Republican Party, there is just as big of a divide in the Democratic Party.

It may not be as clear, but the Democrats are divided amongst themselves. Hillary Clinton is a moderate Democrat who slowly changed her game plan to become more like her rival, Bernie Sanders. Clinton is being forced to press for change in a more demanding way. These effects may also be seen when Clinton chooses her vice president, who very well could be someone as liberal and radical as Sanders. Choosing a vice president who is more along the lines of Sanders' policies would be an attempt to unite the party. This accurately explains the buzz around Clinton choosing Senator Elizabeth Warren as her vice president.

Clinton is struggling to put away Bernie Sanders because she is not the strongest candidate the Democrats could have put out. Because of her email scandal and some other actions, she is almost just as unfavorable as Donald Trump among American voters. A CBS News and New York Times poll revealed that 52 percent of people view Clinton as unfavorable, while 57 percent view Trump as unfavorable. These are historic numbers for presidential candidates. The last time two candidates were viewed that badly was in 1984.

If Joe Biden had decided to run for president, it may have changed the whole dynamic of the election for both parties. Biden is a wild card candidate, and he has some very strong points and some very weak points to his potential candidacy. However, he would without a doubt be more favorably viewed than Clinton.

President Barack Obama has an approval rating of 52 percent, according to the Gallup Poll. This would have definitely rubbed off on Joe Biden. Biden has an average favorability rating of 47.4 percent, according to Real Clear Politics.

Joe Biden Would Be A Stronger Democratic Presidential Nominee Than Hillary Clinton
Vice President Joe Biden [Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Joe Biden is also the candidate best equipped to take up the attitude that has surrounded this election. If there is one thing that will propel Trump all the way to GOP convention, it is his rhetoric. One of the biggest reasons why Trump has so many supporters is because he is viewed as a no-nonsense kind of man. Even in the beginning of the election race, Trump ranked as the best Republican candidate to handle ISIS and the war on terrorism among Republican voters.

Trump has also received praise from one of the most powerful men in the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin. It's safe to say that Trump has a reputation as a "tough guy." Even though Joe Biden is no Donald Trump, he does have the same kind of non-nonsense attitude.

Joe Biden is the perfect candidate to rival Trump in a general election because he could stand his ground. Biden would have no issue firing back at Trump and hitting him where it hurts without thinking twice about it. A perfect example would be Biden's vice presidential debate against Paul Ryan.

Joe Biden would go head to head with Trump and show that the Democrats can also be on the offensive. Hillary Clinton is capable of that, but Biden has a reputation for being more "out of the box." That kind of attitude seems to be what America wants at the moment, so why not give it to them?

Biden, unlike Clinton, is fully well aware of the divide in the Democratic Party. CNN reported that Biden and Warren discussed the idea of having her as his running mate last year. Warren is the kind of running mate who could untie the Democratic Party and satisfy the people who are "feeling the Bern." Sanders is also floating around the idea of making Warren his potential vice president.

Although it is too late now, there is still a way Biden could become the Democratic presidential nominee. If Hillary Clinton does receive criminal charges from the FBI for her email scandal, her campaign would be over. There is no way she could rebound from that. Although it is unlikely, if this happens before the convention, the superdelegates can vote for whoever they choose.

In theory, they could choose to skip over Bernie Sanders, and a potential open convention could be in play. The superdelegates could then cast a vote for whoever they see is the most fit to defeat Trump. That person may be Vice President Joe Biden. These scenarios are highly unlikely and improbable, but anything is possible in politics as we have seen from the Trump campaign, which has defied all odds.

[Photo by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images]