May 15, 2016
Ariana Grande Gearing Up For The Biggest New Album Splash in Music History

Brace yourselves, folks, a tsunami of Ariana Grande proportions is coming, whether you like it or not. The young music artist is channeling her inner force of nature to make her Dangerous Woman album the album to beat come May 20. Judging from Ariana Grande's recent work, as well as roster of upcoming TV show appearances and performances, the sultry and powerful singer is all set for an album launch of World War III proportions.

Based on the sheer scale of album publicity that she is starting to generate, Ariana Grande's latest creative work can potentially realize a sale or download tsunami beyond what Taylor Swift, Katy Perry or Adele can muster. For a woman of her size to trigger such huge, tumultuous waves in the recording industry, it is nothing short of mutant X-Man work. Here's how she is summoning all her super powers in her bid to make Dangerous Woman the most successful album in history.

First, let's dwell a bit on her work ethics. Her album, My Everything speaks volume of just how hard Ariana Grande works for her money. She's gives everything and everybody her 110 percent. Whether she is singing or recording, she never dwells on sour graping, she doesn't have time for it. Ariana is up to her neck with work.

Compared to Justin Bieber, who allows his moods to affect his performance, Ariana Grande looks and treats everything with a positive spin. No wonder Jimmy Falon likes her, and who doesn't? She hijacked Saturday Night Live recently, and everyone thanked her for it. That's how powerful Ariana Grande is.

Her next album, due for release on May 20, has been titled Dangerous Woman primarily because it is her feminist manifesto in music format. Ariana first announced her feminist leanings in Vanity Fair on June 8, 2015. In a nutshell, the Ariana Grande brand of feminism goes like this: Look, I know I am beautiful and extremely sexy, and I am very confident about what I have. I don't care if I flaunt my assets because I know what I want, and no man will stand in my way to get it. Fair enough? Now watch her existing "Dangerous Woman" music video to see if it's a match.

For the uninitiated, there is a reason why Ariana has been busy lately dropping music singles left and right. Only yesterday, the actress and musician dropped two new singles, as reported in Consequence of Sound.

Quips the source: "One features Future on the bars, the other channels Mariah Carey."

As you can see, collaboration is key to Ariana Grande's strategy. She knows the law of the jungle only too well. Although she looks like a kitten, she is actually a lioness in cat's clothing. Acutely aware of what she is, she believes that tag teaming with other dominant players in the industry is crucial to her success.

"Already we've heard a handful of cuts off the LP, including 'Into You', 'Be Alright', and the title track. Now, with less than a week to go before her big release day, the pop star has shared not one, but two fresh cuts: the Future-aided 'Everyday' and the 'Greedy'. "

To step up her game even further, she also released a collaboration with rapper extraordinaire Nicki Minaj, according to a Hot New Hip-hop report.

"Listen to a radio rip of Ariana Grande's new leak 'Side To Side' featuring Nicki Minaj."

Watch closely how she aced the Nicki Minaj partnership while music industry veteran Britney Spears is still nowhere near her goal to annex a similar collaboration to her future music album. Also, notice how Ariana Grande, the relative newcomer is doing something similar to the Taylor Swift Girl Squad, only she is a lot more subtle; talk about style.

And for the crème de la crème, Ariana is set to perform at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on May 22. Obviously, she is using the performance as a platform to further publicize her new album.

Now did we spoil anything for Ariana Grande in this discussion? We don't think so. After all, she is very transparent. In other words, she is what she is. Beautiful, sexy, intelligent, articulate, a vocal powerhouse in a tiny package, and the equivalent of Jennifer Lawrence in the acting world especially when it comes to relatability. Oh, and we almost forgot, the Miss Relatable of the music industry is also, young. Twenty-two-year-old and already conquering the world is definitely no small achievement for Ariana Grande.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]