May 15, 2016
Meghan Trainor Falls On Her Back During Performance On Jimmy Fallon Show

Meghan Trainor was about to finish an excellent musical performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when she suddenly lost her footing and fell flat on her back, taking the microphone stand with her, Just Jared reports.

The main culprit? Her six-inch high heels. Meghan just about finished the last line of her hit single "Me Too" when she turned around to face the audience. The sudden move caused her to lose her footing. Trainor tried to steady herself by grabbing the microphone stand, but by then it was too late as her momentum caused her to come crashing down on her back.

Falling down during a performance is one of the major fears of any performer. Fortunately for Trainor, Fallon came to the rescue, approaching the singer and joining her on the floor. Before long, Meghan recovered herself and started laughing along with Jimmy. Given that Meghan was in a comedy talk show, turning the unfortunate incident into a joke was the right thing to do. When Trainor and Fallon finally got to their feet, the audience clapped and cheered, showing their appreciation for how they handled the incident.

Before Meghan splashed herself on the ground, she looked stunning with her auburn locks and skin-tight sequined dress. She was killing it on the dance floor as well. Watching her, it makes one wonder how she was able to stay on her feet considering her six-inch high heels.

After the show, Meghan took to Twitter to talk about her tumble. Judging by her tweet, the singer wasn't bothered by her little accident at all, going so far as to compliment herself for having "killed that s**t."

When a fan asked her if she's okay, Meghan responded, saying that she didn't feel any pain until hours later. She assured the fan that she's "all good."

"Haha I didn't feel it till hours later. I'm all good tho. Barely a scratch," Meghan tweeted.

Trainor retweeted an uploaded video of her fall during the performance, a sign that she's taking the incident in good humor.

Earlier this week, in a span of 24 hours, Meghan released, pulled out, and re-posted her music video for "Me Too," a single from her new album Thank You, which is set for release tomorrow, May 14. According to the singer, she decided to pull out the video when she noticed that the video was edited to make her waist appear smaller. Which is quite ironic, given the fact that the song is about empowerment.
Trainor took to Snapchat to explain why she decided to take down the video.

"I took down the YouTube video because they photoshopped the crap out of me, and I'm so sick of it," Meghan said.

The singer went on to say that she "had a bomb waist" the night the video was filmed, adding that she never approved the final cut and that she felt embarrassed by the results.

During her Snapchat story, she added a superimposed text that says, "Cried all morning lol hate them."

Her reaction to the edited video is hardly surprising given that her 2014 hit single, "All About That Bass," is a single that celebrates bodies that are larger than the norm. And Meghan seems proud of her big waist, as she took to Instagram to show side-by-side screenshots of the first video and the new video available on YouTube now.

While her stance on promoting a positive body image is commendable, some people suspect that the singer only did it for publicity.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]