July 12, 2018
Taylor Swift Interviews Famed Rock Wife Pattie Boyd, Talks 'Privacy' And Musical Inspiration

Taylor Swift is someone who knows a thing or two about fame -- and so does Pattie Boyd.

In an exclusive interview for Harper's Bazaar, Taylor Swift sat down with the famed rock wife -- who, in her prime, was married to both George Harrison and Eric Clapton, but not at the same time -- and they talked about privacy, getting inspiration as musicians, and Pattie's memoir, Wonderful Tonight.

Taylor revealed that she read Pattie's memoir while on the second leg of her North American tour, and immediately became "fascinated" by the revelations contained in the book.

For example, she had no idea that "Wonderful Tonight" and "Layla," both written by Clapton, were about Boyd.

Pattie, for her part, responded that Taylor must respond to mundane situations in the same way her former husbands did: through song.

Taylor replied that this is, in fact, the case, and she sometimes "amazes herself" by what she's able to come up with in song. She also said that the process of songwriting is exactly the same for her now as it was when she was 12 years old and writing love songs alone in her bedroom.

"That's the purest part of my job," she said to Pattie.

For Taylor Swift, however, there's another thing that remains imperative to her: privacy.

Having made the mistake of making her private life a public affair, Taylor says that she now treasures her privacy, especially as it concerns her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Pattie, who was a part of George Harrison's life when Beatlemania was at its peak -- and had a role in the seminal film, A Hard Day's Night -- sympathized with Taylor, and recalled how terribly she was treated by Beatles fans at the height of Beatlemania.

She was so terribly treated, in fact, that she and George had to move to the countryside to avoid all the craziness of the fans.

But Pattie also told Taylor Swift that times have changed for her -- that, because George Harrison is no longer with us, and John Lennon was assassinated back in 1980, Beatles fans are much kinder to her. (She also believes that this is a function of age.) In fact, when Pattie recently held a gallery show, a few Beatles fans dressed as she did in A Hard Day's Night!

Taylor Swift also delighted fans by having a special photo shoot for the outlet, featuring her in some of Pattie Boyd's iconic outfits.