May 8, 2016
Attention Children Of The ‘90s: McDonald’s Pizza Is Still A Thing

Have you ever had those late night cravings where your stomach seems to be punishing your backbone for something it said earlier in the day? Okay, well maybe your hunger pains aren't as vicious as mine. Regardless, McDonald's has some exciting news for pizza lovers and people with the late night munchies.

After being closed for redevelopment last summer, the world's largest McDonald's has just reopened, and yes, you can get pizza there.

According to Metro, the new, two-story development has an area of nearly 19,000 square feet and sits on 2.29 acres of land in Orlando, Florida.

The new location will feature eight kitchens which will offer McDonald's fancy "Create Your Taste" concept, which allows customers to customize orders of sandwiches and burgers. But, wait. There's more. In addition to serving pasta, waffles, and omelets, the location will also have brick-fire ovens to whip up the amazing pizza we were talking about earlier.

If you're not in the mood to embark on an all-day venture to Orlando, then you're in luck. According to Eater, two other locations in the U.S. serve McPizzas – Pomeroy, Ohio, and Spencer, West Virginia.

Apparently, the McPizza has been a thing for quite some time. According to franchise owner Greg Mills, the menu item launched in the late '80s and was, unfortunately, abandoned by the late '90s due to the 11-minute cook time, which went against the chain's "fast food" ethos.
But, die-hard McDonald's fans seem to disagree. Three years ago pizza-loving, Micky Dee-goers created an online petition on to bring the McDonald's pizza back.

The somewhat dramatic, but completely understandable petition started by user Drew Minns, reads:

"Please bring back the McDonald's Pizza, I know it took some time to prepare, but an entire generation now has a hole in their life that can only be filled by that crispy crust and tasty toppings."
Commenters on the petition seemed to agree that the Micky Dee pizza was, in their words, "a way of life."

User Shannon Matamoros, from Blue Mountains, Canada writes, "Because it was so delicious. And the last time I ate it, the Jay's won the World Series. Twice."

Erik Jorgensen, from Toronto, Canada, agreed with Matamoros adding, "It isn't just delicious, it is a way of life. I haven't been to McDonald's in years, but if they brought this back, you bet I would be in there daily."

And as for the Millennials, well they're voicing their opinions the only way they know how – via Twitter. For one reason or another, most users – who apparently didn't know that the McPizza is a delightful treat gifted to us from the '80s – are quite disgusted by the idea.

"Can I get a McPizza? Says nobody," Twitter user @TristanOnCamera posted in a meme-like fashion.
I guess when America is headed toward the downward spiral that it is, with celebrity laxatives, anti-LGBT laws, and kale, we can't really expect that the McPizza will get the positive outlook it deserves.

Anyway, here's an amazing '90s commercial gem you need to see:

[Photo from Pixabay]