May 8, 2016
Kate Middleton Wants Baby No. 3? Crowned As Queen Of Wimbledon

News and rumors about a possible pregnancy keep surfacing for Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William. The two are constantly in the headlines, where rumors about the couple's intentions to have another child or about an apparent pregnancy that is already underway are endless.

The latest word from the rumor mill comes by way of the Daily Star. The details from this publication indicate that the Duchess is prepared for another pregnancy yet is terrified to expose the unborn child to the dangerous Zika virus on her travels to Brazil for the upcoming Olympics.

The International Business Times relays the claims that have been made by the publication via a reported source.

"Catherine [Middleton] is obviously very concerned about the virus and won't take any risks. All of her friends think that she wants to have three children. She had two siblings growing up and wants the same for George and Charlotte. We thought she might try later this year. Like any mother she would be terrified at the prospect of catching the virus and having a deformed child, so the safest thing would be to miss the games. Unless there is a dramatic improvement in how the Brazilians are dealing with the crisis, I can't see her going, but obviously she is looking at the situation very carefully. She will be taking medical advice, weighing up the dangers and of course it is still several months away, but I can't see her taking any chances."

The publication states that even if Middleton cannot attend the Olympic games this year, her husband and his brother, Prince Harry, are still planning on making the journey for the exciting sporting event. None of these claims have been verified by Kensington Palace.

Despite the possibility that Kate will not be able to join her husband and brother-in-law for the games, she has won the honor at a very prestigious local sporting event. Middleton is set to be the presenter of trophies during Wimbledon, the well-known annual tennis tournament.

The Daily Mail, however, indicates the controversy that comes from the Duchess being crowned the Queen of Wimbledon.

"Tennis-mad Kate, 34, is believed to be in line to replace the Queen as patron of the All England Club this summer, a role which would see her outrank the Duke in the Wimbledon hierarchy. Kate's triumph has come at a cost – with the Queen having to tell her cousin the Duke of Kent to step aside from the cherished role he has performed for more than 40 years. To soften the blow, the 80-year-old Duke has been allowed one final year in the job before Kate takes over in 2017."

A spokesperson for the prestigious tournament spoke of the changeover in royal prize-presenters and noted that the official date that Kate is to take over has yet to be set.

"They will let us know when the change happens. We will just be told. Until we hear otherwise I can only assume the Duke will hand out prizes as usual."

Although Kate is a royal and wears the Duchess title well, her down-to-earth nature and manner with her family make her a true gem. The Duchess found herself recently on the cover of Vogue magazine and was sure to insist that she be presented as the true Kate. After driving herself to the interview, the beauty's evening gowns and heirloom tiaras were replaced with T-shirts and overalls for the gorgeous photo-shoot. Kate spoke about her adorable children and noted that she has taken on the role as the family photographer in order to avoid paparazzi interference.

Whether a new baby will make an arrival in the near future or not, Kate Middleton is doing a remarkable job in the now with her little Prince and Princess.

[Photo by Richard Pohle/WPA Pool/Getty Images]