May 8, 2016
Astrology Insights: Jupiter Retrograde Ends Monday

After dealing with five retrograde planets for the last few weeks, those who follow astrology may be happy to know that at least one planet is about to return to direct status. Jupiter ends its retrograde cycle May 9, and even though we still have to deal with the energies of the four planets still in retrograde, this marks a shift in the big picture for most people.

Those who have a basic knowledge of astrology know that Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, and good luck, so when it goes into retrograde, that expansion turns inward. Depending on how strong Jupiter relates to other planets in your birth chart, the degree that you'll feel the influence of Jupiter retrograde will vary, but as a general rule it can be a time of great spiritual growth while this planet is in retrograde.

That means you've probably been feeling restless and even discontented with your current life situation for the last several months during this Jupiter retrograde, but that discomfort has been necessary to push you to look inside for your inner truth, according to Pathway to Ascension.

"Jupiter retrograde tends to procrastinate and to plan, then re-plan, to the point of failing to get anywhere with the thoroughly planned project. Jupiter retrograde offers the opportunity for a highly spiritual incarnation. You must seek your own Truth; for, the mundane and status quo is likely to leave you feeling discontent. You are a free-spirit and cannot follow happily in the footsteps of others. Great wisdom and prophetic ability can be present, especially as you attain spiritual maturity. Jupiter retrograde can bring many déjà-vu experiences; you can feel at home anywhere on the planet."
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[Image via Shutterstock]Rocky though that process can be, that time is coming to an end, and you should start to reap the rewards of all the inner soul work, if you've been putting this time to good use. It's sort of been a spiritual cocooning for many feeling that Jupiter retrograde influence, and now you may feel like you're about to take flight in the form of a butterfly. But, if you didn't really take the opportunity to spend some time looking within, don't worry, Jupiter goes retrograde for several months every year. So, why make such a big deal out of it right now?

With astrology, it's always about the cumulative effects of different planets in different aspects, and this year with Jupiter retrograde hitting during this huge retrograde cycle when four other planets went retro at the same time, it can shake things up a little bit more than the normal bumps in the road. In fact, you may not have noticed a huge shift in that Jupiter influence alone, except in the last couple of weeks when Mercury became the fifth planet to go retrograde. Even those with only a passing understanding of astrology are usually familiar with the mishaps Mercury retrograde tends to throw in our path.

Plus, we've got Mars and Saturn piling into the mix, so it's been one hot cosmic mess for all of us to try to sort out and work our way through since the beginning of the year, and even a little bit before that for some planets.

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[Image via Shutterstock]Don't panic if you haven't had a major spiritual awakening and think you have to rush to meet the deadline by Monday. Although it can't hurt to take a little time today or tomorrow for some quiet reflection and think about those heavier spiritual topics. Actually, that's a pretty good thing to do any time.

As Jupiter goes direct and you're ready to get out in the world and expand or maybe even start a new business or partnership, just be aware that we still have to deal with that troublesome Mercury retrograde until May 22, so try to hold off for a couple more weeks before going full throttle. After that, the dust starts to settle, and with Jupiter casting strong aspects in your chart, you're ready to put the pedal to the metal again.

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