May 8, 2016
Xiaomi Mi Max Leaked by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Before May 10 Reveal! Xiaomi Phablet Gets TENAA Certification

Xiaomi is back with their big reveals. Though over the past years, leaks were provided by inside sources, this time, it was Xiaomi's own CEO who provided the public with the preview of the new Xiaomi Mi Max.

According to reports, CEO Lei Jun has provided three screenshots of the new Xiaomi Mi Max on his Weibo page. Weibo is one of the top social media sites in Asia.

The photos look like advertisement or stock photos of the new Xiaomi phablet. The beautiful photos captures the phablet in high contrast colors of blue, pink, and beige.

The good thing about the leaked images is the possible size estimation of the new Xiaomi Mi Max. Fortunately for avid Xiami aficionados, the specs of the new Xiaomi Mi Max were already revealed.

The All-New Xiaomi Mi Max

Xiaomi Mi Max (2)
Image via Weibo

Five days before the announcement, another leaked photos from the CEO arose. It was a very thin 2.5D glass on the phone. Aside from the thin side photo, Lei Jun also noted that the phablet will be best suited for heavy users since the Mi Max has a large display and long battery life.

The Mi Max will be about 6.44 inches. It has a full HD IPS display and is powered by a 64-bit hexa-core Snapdragon 650 processor. It also has the Adreno 510 GPU.

With 2GB RAM and 16 GB basic storage, the Mi Max offers a higher-tiered alternative which has a 3GB Ram and 32GB storage. The memories for these versions are also expandable with a microSD.

The Mi Max will have a MIUI 8 and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. With dual-SIM capacities, the phone has a finger sensor at the back. The Mi Max also has a competitive 16MP rear camera with dual-tone dual LED flash and a 5MP front camera.

The Mi Max will also be able to support 4G LTE and VoLTE.

Just as CEO Lei Jun mentioned, the phablet is built for endurance. The Xiaomi Mi Max actually has a 4000mAh battery, according to its TENAA certification.

The Xiaomi Mi Max was also originally teased in a gold variant, but the new leaked photos propose that there will be a white color variation.

Too Close to Xiaomi Redmi Note 3?

Image via Weibo
Image via Weibo

Xiaomi fans might notice the close similarities of the Xiaomi Mi Max and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. It is true. Both of these devices are run by the Snapdragon 650. Aside from that, there are also main differences and one of those would be the larger display.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 was received well by the market. It has been rated 4 out of 5 in multiple review sites.

With the premium built and feel of the Redmi Note 3, nothing less could be expected from the Mi Max. Xiaomi is known for creating beautifully designed devices that are offered are a very low price. But since the back photo of the Mi Max was not shown, it is not known if it will have a matte or a gloss finish.

The size is the obvious difference of the two. The Redmi Note 3 is only pegged for a 5.5-inch full-HD IPS display. But since the two will be for different types of users, it is already a competitive size for a note pad.

Aside from the screen, the Mi Max will be ahead of the Redmi Note 3 since the Note 3 only has an Android Lollipop for its software.

At the end of the day, these are very powerful mid-ranged devices that are already top of the line.

For more information, consumers would just have to wait for the actual unveiling on May 10.

The Xiaomi Mi Max is expected to be priced at around $199.

[Image via Weibo]