May 8, 2016
Kristen Stewart Honors Jodie Foster At Walk Of Fame Ceremony

Kristen Stewart has embarked on a long, successful career as an actress, since starring alongside Jodie Foster in 2002's Panic Room, but Stewart hasn't forgotten the experience of working with Foster or the monumental impression Foster has had on her own career. As Stewart pays tribute to Foster for pointing her in the right direction, speaking at Foster's Walk of Fame ceremony, she shares the deep influence Foster had on her as a child.

Panic Room Star Jodie Foster Is Honored With A Walk Of Fame Star

Jodie Foster is one of the most well respected and adored actresses of the last fifty years, having appeared in everything from soap operas to horror films, so it's only fitting that Foster should be recognized for her tremendous contributions to cinema. In moving behind the camera, Jodie Foster has proven that she has an eye for filmmaking that even exceeds her acting ability, having directed such films as Little Man Tate (1991) and, more recently, the George Clooney crime thriller, Money Monster.

Now, Foster says she's honored to receive her own Walk of Fame star and confesses to dreaming of that moment, even as a young girl.

"I grew up blocks from Hollywood Boulevard and would cross it every single day of my life," Foster said during her acceptance speech on Wednesday. "And you do that thing where you're like, 'Will I ever be on the Walk of Fame someday?'"

Now, decades later, Jodie has achieved a lifetime of success in an industry notoriously unfair to women and she can't help but to think back on that and realize how truly fortunate she has been as an actress.

"It feels nostalgic and kind of emotional. It just reminds me of conversations that I had with my mom, 10 blocks from here about Hollywood Boulevard and what it represented," Jodie says.

Kristen Stewart Supports Her On-Screen Mom With Genuine Adoration

Accepting her Walk of Fame star, Foster reveals that she had always thought she wouldn't want to receive the honor, unless it was as a director. She admits to waiting for the Hollywood Boulevard honor until she had directed a film of her own and admits it was a silly thing to worry about, especially now that she has both directed a film of her own and received the Walk of Fame award.

"When I was a kid I didn't think I would be able to be a director because I never saw any woman directors," Foster says. "I don't know if I'm a role model... But I just want to make movies, you know that's all I've ever wanted to do."

As it turns out, Jodie is a role model to one actress in particular and that actress, Kristen Stewart, was on hand to speak about the tremendous influence Foster has had on her as an actress and as a woman in Hollywood. Stewart was only 10-years-old, when she played Jodie's daughter in Panic Room, but Kristen still recalls the experience as being vital to her development as a performer.

"She's always encompassed what I thought was sort of the prime example of where you want to be and she's been there for me," Stewart said.

Stewart says she still holds her Panic Room mentor in the highest regard, revealing a deep respect for the way that she handles life in general, as well as for the way she presents herself to Hollywood and the media.

"She's a baller on every level. It's out of control," Kristen continued. "She did everything young. She kicked Yale's a--. She won Oscars. She became a filmmaker herself. She created a family and still is just normal and cool and kind."

The Walk of Fame honoree said she was surprised to see Stewart embracing a career as an actress, though she added that she wasn't surprised to see Kristen excel in her chosen path.

"She's a great person, and I'm not surprised she's gone on to to do great things," Foster said of Stewart. "But I am surprised she is an actress."

Money Monster hits theaters on May 13.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]