May 8, 2016
Skydivers Bring Quidditch To Life By Playing The Game In Mid-Air

When J.K. Rowling wrote her Harry Potter books, she created a whole new world that millions of people have now experienced in different ways. One part of the Harry Potter world fans everywhere have fallen in love with is the game of Quidditch. A completely made up sport, the game is played by wizards flying around on their broomsticks, and although the main goal is to be the team with the most points, the game doesn't really end until the Seeker gets the golden snitch.

In the years since the Harry Potter books and movies were released, Quidditch has become an actual sport. Many universities have the game as a club sport and there's even a Quidditch World Cup that has gained so much popularity that Snapchat has included a special "Story" for it for the past two years on their app. Even so, although those versions of Quidditch are great, they still take place on the ground, removing one of the greatest aspects of Quidditch: flying.

However, a group of skydivers has finally left Muggle status and became full wizards when they actually played Quidditch in the air. The video was posted on YouTube on April 26 by the Colombian telecommunications company ETB, according to Huffington Post, and now the video is going viral.

The video shows the skydivers jumping out of a plane in full Quidditch gear, with brooms, a Quaffle, and even rings to try to knock the Quaffle into. There's two teams, and one player is actually able to grab hold of the Quaffle and shoot it into the ring, winning the game before their parachutes deploy. The game and video look absolutely perfect. The only thing they were missing was a golden snitch, but one can understand why that might have made things a little more complicated.

Skydivers Bring Quidditch To Life When They Play They Game In Mid-Air
[Photograph by Warner Bros.]ETB made the video as an ad to promote their latest cell phone deal, and after how well the video's been doing, there's no doubt everyone will be Googling ETB now, wondering how they can get six months of free service. Although the video was obviously for publicity and to sell a product, it's still pretty spectacular and will surely make others want to try it. Who hasn't wanted to fly around on a broomstick and play Quidditch with friends?

Skydivers Bring Quidditch To Life By Playing The Game In Mid-Air
[Photo by Christopher Capozziello/Getty Images]Even though it'd have to be a short game of Quidditch, because no one wants to hit ground before they deploy their parachute, this is still probably the closest we Muggles will ever come to having a real game of Quidditch. Until someone finally discovers a way for us to fly, Harry Potter fans will just have to settle for this version of play, although this is barely settling. It's amazing!

With Harry Potter and the Cursed Child opening this July in London, it's no surprise that people have Harry Potter and Quidditch on their mind right now. The play will take place 18 years after The Deathly Hallows ended, and fans have been losing it since the news about the play was announced. For all those fans who don't live in London and can't see the play live, the script of the play will be released as a book in July as well.

Now fans everywhere will be able to enjoy another Harry Potter adventure. Here's to hoping his son, Albus Severus, loves Quidditch just as much as Harry did and is just as good. We'd love to see how the game of Quidditch may have changed in those 18 years since we've left the Harry Potter world. There has to be a new Nimbus broom out by now!

For now though, we can just prepare ourselves for the next Quidditch World Cup by playing Quidditch the Muggle way. Someone grab the brooms!

[Photo by Warner Bros.]