May 8, 2016
'Game Of Thrones': Maisie Williams Says Lying To Fans About Jon Snow Was Easy

Game of Thrones fans should probably never trust any character on the series, but as it turns out, they'd be well-advised not to trust actress Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, in real life. On Alan Carr: Chatty Man, Maisie confessed that not only did she have an easy time keeping spoilers secret, but she took things one step beyond by deciding to lie to GoT fans and mess with their heads about the fate of a certain character that makes the ladies swoon.

Don't read on unless you're up-to-date with Game of Thrones because there's just a little bit of a spoiler or two to follow.

rose leslie and kit harrington
Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington [Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]Ever since the end of last season, Game of Thrones fans have been losing their minds over what appeared to be the death of Jon Snow (Kit Harington.) Rumors ran wild and cast members gave the standard vague answers you normally hear when they're asked questions you know darn well they can't answer. And that is basically what they tell you, except Maisie Williams, who decided to have a little fun with all the fans and media asking questions about what would happen to everyone's favorite emo, Wildling-loving heartthrob. Williams revealed her strategy — and the soul of a prankster — to Alan Carr.
"Whenever we were asked the question, 'So is Jon Snow coming back?' everyone was like, 'Oh, well, I can't really say. And I was like that's so boring you should just say no, because if you say, 'Oh, I can't say,' then people know that he is and that you just can't say."
maisie williams on the red carpet
Actress Maisie Williams of Game ofThrones [Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival]According to Yahoo! TV, Maisie played a large part in the widespread belief that Jon Snow was actually dead, as interviews were popping up everywhere with the actress saying Snow was a goner during the series hiatus. Many Game of Thrones fans might argue that being stabbed in the chest and gut multiple times should have been a pretty good indicator that that the character was dead, especially on Game of Thrones, where the running joke is author George R.R. Martin tells fans, "Oh, you have a favorite character? Not anymore."

Anyway, Maisie finally came clean during her visit with Carr after Snow came back to life in the most recent episode, revealing her lies, and the actress let fans in on why she was such such a dirty little liar.

"Fans would come up and be like, 'I know you can't talk about it, but, so, is Jon Snow dead?' like giggly. And I'd be like, 'No, yeah, he's dead.' And they'd be like, 'Oh.'"

So, so cruel to those poor Game of Throne's fans. Not that anyone should be too surprised, as Maisie has a history of displaying a rather wicked sense of humor and loving pranks. For instance, she went undercover — or as undercover as anyone from Game of Thrones can be — as a clerk in an RPG store, claiming to be "Lorraine." She also claimed she'd never seen the show.

Game of Thrones fans can be gullible, but not that gullible.

While giving away free swag to GoT groupies, Maisie couldn't resist making them act out various scenes from the series in order to get their gifts. From young to old, people proved that they would do pretty much anything silly to hang out with the actress and have her throw them a bone or two of collectibles. In particular, a very stately older woman did not think twice about "flying" around the store like a dragon.

Descriptions don't do it justice. Just watch the video.

So, while sites like ScreenCrush are saying Maisie gave away a spoiler that Rickon Stark is about to return to Game of Thrones, you might want to take that news with a really healthy grain of salt. While Arya Stark is considered one of the good characters on Game of Thrones, Maisie Williams is kind of a cheeky, mischievous prankster in real life, and can be just a tad cruel.

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